When Does Doglife Release

Doglife is a text-based life simulator that allows you to live as a dog. It is from the makers of Bitlife. In this game, you can start life as any breed of dog. You can also select where you want to live and your gender. This game is similar to Bitlife, but you can experience life as a dog or cat and interact with humans and other animals.

Doglife Release Date

Doglife launched in November 2021, with Android being the first and the iOS version launching a few days later.

Starting A New Life

You have an opportunity to start a new random life or start a custom life. When you begin a custom life, you can customize your name, gender, habitat, country, and place. If you purchase the top dog premium package, you can select your breed, appearance, and attributes.

Selecting Your Habitat

You can choose to live in;


When you start a life in a home, you can view your owners and other residents and interact with them, properties and vehicles. Living in a household will increase your health and reduce your chances of suffering from diseases. You can attempt to escape from home in the activities tab or the vet’s office.


In the streets tab, you can view your other residents. The other residents you may encounter are snakes, rats, mutts, cats, tigers, gorillas, lions, etc. To survive on the street, you must have high respect. You can increase this stat by winning fights, befriending animals with high respect stat, and eating smaller creatures. While on the street, you may run into someone from the animal shelter or get picked up by a stranger.


Living here is almost as worse as living on the street. You can interact with the employees and other imprisoned animals. You can act up, try to gain attention, attempt to escape, try to start a riot, etc. If you successfully run away, you will move to the streets. You can also get adopted from the shelter. If you misbehave in the animal shelter, you may get euthanized.

Pet Store

You may also choose to start a life in the pet store. This habitat is similar to living in a shelter. You can practice a trick and try to get attention so you will get adopted. You can also attempt to escape from the pet store.

There are several mini-games in DogLife. You can come across a mini-game in different scenarios such as;

  • Escaping from the vet
  • Escaping from home
  • Escaping from the shelter
  • Starting a riot
  • Remembering the way back home
  • Going back home
  • Scavenging for food
  • Going for a swim in the sewer
  • Running away from someone on the street

Female dogs can experience heat in Doglife. When in heat, you can suffer through it or put out a scent. You may adjust the pheromones slider and release your scent. When you mate with another dog, you might have puppies when you age up. In most cases, your offspring will have higher respect and pick a fight with you when they get older.

DogLife – life simulator allows players to play as a dog or a cat. You can live a peaceful life in the confinement of your home or explore life as a street dog and work your way to become the alpha.