How To Go To Nursing School In Bitlife

Many jobs require you to complete university and further your education, such as lawyer, nurse, professor, pharmacist, physical therapist, etc. One of the full-time jobs that pay well in Bitlife is a nurse.

To become a nurse, you must attend university and complete nursing school. One of the requirements for this school is high smarts. You won’t get accepted without this stat. This article will guide you in attending nursing school in Bitlife.

Getting High Smarts

When creating your character, you can increase your smarts with god mode. You may keep creating new lives until you get one with this stat. While ageing, you may get random pop-ups that affect your stats. Choosing the right option will improve your smarts or other attributes. Activities that improve this stat are:

  • Reading books: you can pick a book to read to improve this stat. There are various genres, such as fiction, novel, tragedy, comedy, autobiography, etc. Few of these texts can reduce your smarts. “If you give a mouse a cookie” and “the giving tree” are children’s picture books that give a massive boost. The communist manifesto also has lesser pages and a noticeable effect on your smarts.
  • Visiting the public library: this method is unreliable because it may not improve this stat.
  • Watching a documentary: you may visit the movie theatre to watch a documentary. If it is not available, age and try again.
  • Using a boost: this option will appear when the bar is red or orange. You can use it to boost this stat.
  • Scoring high on the memory test: this method includes playing a game that involves memorising a sequence of colours. Getting a high score will improve your smarts.

Applying To University

After graduating high school, apply to University and major in nursing. If it is not on the list, close the game and reopen it to refresh the majors. Keep doing this until it appears, then apply for it. You may apply for a scholarship, take a student loan, ask your parents to pay your tuition or pay with cash. The generosity and money stats of your parents determine whether they will agree. If there are not generous, you can adjust this slider with godmode.

You can also take a loan after exhausting other methods but get a part-time job to avoid a negative bank balance.

When you enrol in University, join an extracurricular activity or sorority/fraternity (if available). Doing this will increase your chances of getting a scholarship for nursing school.

Applying To Nursing School

Once you graduate from University, you can apply to nursing school or get a job to afford your tuition. You will get accepted into this school if you have high smarts and a degree in nursing. After getting accepted, choose your method of payment to enrol. It takes two years to finish this school.

After you complete nursing school, you can get a job as an associate nurse and work hard to occupy the top position. The highest role in this career is a clinical nurse specialist.