All Professional Sports And How To Play Them In Bitlife

With the introduction of special careers in Bitlife, you can become a politician, pro athlete, street hustler, mafia member, musician, or even an actor. The professional athlete’s career is broad. There are various sports in this section. Each has its category, and you can choose the team you want to join. The best way to become a professional is by joining a sports team in high school or university.

As a pro athlete, you can improve your greatness and become famous. You can also practice your skills and lead your team to win the championship. This guide will walk you through all the professional sports in Bitlife.

Creating Your Character

With godmode, you can choose sports as your talent when creating your character to have high athleticism. This stat is fundamental in becoming an athlete. You can also keep randomising lives until you get one with this talent.

There are three stats you need to join a sports team in school;

  • Grades: it is not compulsory to have high grades. However, this stat must be moderate to be part of a sports club.
  • Athleticism: you can improve it by working out at the gym, going for walks, meditating, practising martial arts, etc. You can only view it when you begin middle or secondary school.
  • Health: improving your athleticism will also increase your health. Taking instrument, voice, and acting lessons will boost this stat.

All Professional Sports In Bitlife

There are two methods of becoming an athlete;

Getting drafted: you can join a team in high school or university. Choose the sports team you want and try out for it. If you get selected, practice harder every year to improve your performance. Your teammates or coach can nominate you to become the captain.

Once you graduate, you may get drafted to go pro. If you accept, you will relocate to the country where the team plays (if you live in another place).

Trying out for a team: once you graduate from school, you can open the pro athlete careers and choose the sports you want to join. When you select a team, it will display the record, rank, sport, status, league, country, and strength.

Pick your position and request a tryout. If you live in another country, you must emigrate there. If you get selected, you will become an athlete.

There are 12 sports leagues for male characters and 9 for females.

For Males:

  • Bitlife Football League
  • Bitlife Basketball Association
  • Bitlife Major League
  • Bitlife Hockey League
  • Bitlife Premier League
  • Bitlife Liga Español
  • Bitlife Campionato Italiano
  • Bitlife Deutsche Liga
  • Bitlife Campeonato Brasileiro
  • Bitlife Rugby League
  • Bitlife Super League
  • Bitlife Volleyball League

For Females:

  • Bitlife Football League
  • Bitlife Women’s Basketball Association
  • Bitlife Major league
  • Bitlife Hockey League
  • Bitlife Women’s Soccer League
  • Bitlife Women’s English League
  • Bitlife Rugby League
  • Bitlife Super League
  • Bitlife Volleyball League

If you get drafted to go pro, you cannot select the team you want to join. However, you can pick the one you want if you request a tryout. It is advisable to join a sports team while in high school or university.