How To Win Basketball Championships In Bitlife

You can become a professional athlete by joining a sports team, such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, rugby, and volleyball. The highest paying sport is basketball. You can earn as much as $45m in this career.

As a professional basketball player, you have multiple skills to improve, and practising them will boost your greatness. You can get awarded MVP, rookie of the year, most defensive player, and championship rings. With high skills, you can lead your team to win a championship. You will get this award when your team finish first in the season. This article will guide you in achieving this.

Becoming A Basketball Player

If you have sports talent, your character will have high athleticism. With god mode, you can select this ability. You can also randomise lives till you get one with this talent. Good health, athleticism, and grades are necessary to join the basketball team in high school or university.

  • Health: you can improve this stat by working out at the gym, practising martial arts, going for walks, gardening, taking instrument and voice lessons, etc.
  • Athleticism: you can view this stat by selecting a sports team in middle or high school. Performing some activities that improve health also boosts this stat. Go for walks and work out at the gym every year.
  • Grades: studying harder and having high smarts will boost this rating.

Once you begin high school, try out for the basketball team. They will accept you if you meet the requirements. If this club is not on the list of extracurricular activities, wait till you enrol in the University, then try out. You can drop out of university and reapply if this team is not on the list.

After joining this sport, practice harder each year to improve your performance.

When you graduate, you may get drafted to play professional basketball. If you sign the contract, you will become an athlete. The only downside of this method is that you cannot choose the team and position you want.

Winning A Basketball Championship

After becoming a professional basketball player, you will get an additional greatness stat. Your overall performance on the team determines your greatness.

You can improve it by working on your skills and fitness. Practice each one every year for maximum results. You may also sustain an injury while practising. Because injuries affect your season performance, you can avoid them by closing the game when you get the pop-up. Improving your skills might take years based on the sport you play.

When you age, you will get a pop-up displaying your season finish, team, record, league finish, status, position, assists, blocks, points, rebounds, and steals per game.

Your team must come 1st to become the champion. You may keep practising your skills and ageing till you accomplish this.

Another method is closing the game and reopening it after viewing your season performance. Repeat this as many times till you finish first.

You will get a ring for leading your team to win the championship. You can view this jewellery in the assets menu.