How To Become A Reporter In Bitlife

Various full-time jobs can make you famous in Bitlife, such as disc jockey, reporter, app developer, model, writer, etc. Some of these careers don’t require a degree. However, you must obtain a university degree to become a reporter or an app developer.

Becoming a reporter requires a degree in journalism, and there are only three positions in this career. This guide will walk you through how to get this job.

Increasing Your Smarts

You can adjust your smarts stat when creating your character. You may also randomise lives until you get one with this stat. If you are born with poor smarts, you can improve them by:

  • Reading books: from age 6, you can read children’s picture books. As you age, you will get a variety of texts to read. Children’s picture books have the least number of pages. You can read as many as you want in a year.
  • Watching a documentary: you can go to the movie theatre to watch a documentary. If you can’t find one to watch, age and try again.
  • Scoring high on the memory test: in the mind and body menu, you can play the memory test game. It involves memorizing sequences. If you have a high score, your smarts will increase.
  • Visiting the public library: you can visit the library to boost this stat. However, this method is not reliable.
  • Using a boost: if your smarts bar is red or orange, you will get a button beside it. Selecting it will display a pop-up to increase this stat.

Applying To University

After graduating high school, apply to university and major in journalism. If it is not on the list, close the game and reopen it to refresh the majors. Once it appears, choose it and pick your method of payment. You may ask your parents to pay, apply for a scholarship, take a student loan, or pay with cash. If your parents are generous, they will agree to pay. If you take a loan, get a part-time job to avoid a negative bank balance.

When you enroll, you can join a sorority or fraternity to help you get a job.

Becoming A Reporter

Once you graduate from University, browse the full-time job listing for the position of (jr) reporter. If you check after you graduate, it will be on the list. But if it isn’t there, close the game and reopen it to refresh this category. When you apply, give the correct answer to the interview question to get accepted.

As a reporter, you can improve your performance by working harder every year or increasing your hours. The ideal number of hours is 50/week. If you go above 60, you may suffer from high blood pressure or a massive heart attack. After a few years, you may get promoted. The top position you can occupy is the sr. reporter.

After some years in this job, you will become famous, and you can make extra money by performing activities in the fame tab. You will collect this career after working for 20 years.