How To Become A Musician In Bitlife

The musician career is one of the highest paying jobs in Bitlife. It also gives you fame, and you can earn extra money by writing books, doing commercials, and posing for magazines. Becoming a musician takes a lot of work because you must have high skill in the career type you want to pursue, such as singer, pianist, violinist, bassist, etc.

When you have this skill, you can look for a band or audition as a solo artist. You will get a contract to produce music in a random genre if you pass your audition. After signing it, you will become a musician.

Taking Voice And Instrument Lessons

When creating your character, you can choose music as your talent to help you gain skill points faster. You can also randomise lives till you get one with this ability. It will be difficult or impossible to master any skill without musical talent.

If you want to become a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, cellist, pianist, saxophonist, or violinist, ask your parents to let you practice any of these instruments. You can start attending classes from age 6. To become a singer, ask your parents to let you take voice lessons.

If they agree, you can attend classes three times every year. Your skill won’t increase after the third time in a year. Thus, age and continue practising. It is better to maximise these stats before 18 years if you can.

Becoming A Musician

After graduating high school, you can take classes if your skill is low. However, you must pay a fee for each lesson. Once you are ready to become a musician, you may choose to join a band or audition as a solo artist.

Joining A Band

Pick the role you want and look for a band to join. If successful, you will get a contract to join a group. Once you sign it, you will become a musician, and you can practice your skill. You need the approval of your bandmates to release a single or album. If your relationship is high, they will agree with your vision, and you will split the earnings with your teammates. Having successful singles and albums will improve your relationship with them. You can also switch to a solo artist if you want.

Auditioning As A Solo Artist

Choose your career type and record label and request an audition. You might not get a callback if you have low skill.

If you perform well in your audition, you may get a contract to perform music in a random genre. If you sign it, you will become a musician, and after ageing, you will become famous. You can also look for a band to join.

If you don’t get the genre you want, close the game and reopen it. Repeat this method till you get the genre you want.

As a musician, you can improve your popularity by producing successful records. Your single or album can get certified gold, platinum, double platinum, or diamond. You can also earn money when you go on tours or perform live concerts.