How To Become A Police Officer In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can work in a corporate, municipal, hospital, small business, police department, medical office, etc. Some jobs require you to go to university and seek higher education, while others have no qualifications. The police department has various positions. The detective and forensic scientist careers require a university degree, whereas you don’t need it to become a police officer.

The police officer occupation is broad. There are many positions, and you must work hard to reach the top. You can begin as a cadet, patrolman, or trooper. The requirement for this job is moderate health and a high school degree. This walkthrough will guide you in becoming a police officer in Bitlife.

Creating Your Character

You don’t need high stats to become a police officer. However, keep them at a moderate percentage. If you have poor health, you can improve it by performing activities in the mind and body menu, such as:

  • Going on the Mediterranean diet: this option will become available from age 18. This diet has a massive effect on your health every year. It also helps minimise the impact on this stat if you get into an accident or suffer from a disease.
  • Working out at the gym: you can go to the gym every year from age twelve. You cannot visit the gym if your health is at its lowest.
  • Taking lessons on martial arts, voice, instruments, or acting: you can ask your parents to let you participate in any of these activities. However, martial arts have the best effect on your health.
  • Meditating: you can practice meditation every year.
  • Going for a walk: pick your pace and time, and then go for a walk.

You can improve your smarts by reading books, visiting the public library, scoring high on the memory test, watching a documentary, etc. You can read children’s picture books because they have lesser pages, and some give a reasonable boost to this stat.

Becoming A Police Officer

After obtaining your high school degree, you can get a job as a police officer, even if you are below 18 years. Browse the full-time job listing for the positions of cadet, patrolman, or trooper. These are the entry levels in this career. If you don’t find any on the list, close the game and reopen it, or age to refresh this category. Once it appears on the list, apply for it and answer the interview question.

You can improve your job performance by working harder every year or adjusting your hours. You can increase it to 50/week. This number is ideal because choosing 60 or above will affect your stress level, and you may suffer from high blood pressure or die of a heart attack.

The ranks in this career are:

Cadet – patrolman – trooper – corporal – sergeant – inspector – lieutenant – chief of police

The highest title is chief of police. After securing this position, you will only get a raise every few years until you retire. Once you work for 20 years, you will collect this career.