How To Get The Bubonic Plague in Bitlife

There are numerous diseases that characters can contract in Bitlife. Several are fatal, while some can disappear the following year. Common illnesses include flu, migraine, ringworm, pneumonia, diarrhoea, flatulence, middle ear infection, pink eye, etc. You can get diagnosed when you age or after getting a symptom pop-up. Some are rare and have no specific cause, such as rabies, alien hand syndrome, coronavirus, Ebola, foreign accent syndrome, walking corpse syndrome, bubonic plague, etc.

The bubonic plague is one of the hardest diseases to get in Bitlife. It is possible to get diagnosed when you least expect it. It is a severe infection caused by fleas. But there are no fleas in Bitlife. Therefore, there is no direct method of contracting this disease. This article will guide you through everything you need to know to get the bubonic plague.

Creating Your Character

You can choose to live anywhere because there is no specific location where it occurs. When creating your character, you can reduce your karma and willpower if you have god mode. Having low karma increases the chances of encountering an unfortunate scenario, such as getting diagnosed with a fatal disease. If you don’t have god mode, you can perform the following activities to reduce your karma:

  • Insulting and arguing with people
  • Refusing to attend funerals
  • Cheating on partners
  • Committing criminal activities
  • Ignoring someone in need of help
  • Spreading STIs
  • Taking drugs and alcohol
  • Getting sent to prison
  • Assaulting people, etc.

You can check your karma stat by meditating. If it doesn’t display this attribute, close the game and reopen it, then try again.

Another factor that will help you contract this ailment is low health. When this stat is poor, you will get symptom pop-ups every few years. Thus, there is a high chance of getting the bubonic plague with poor health.

Reducing Your Health

Getting assaulted, taking drugs, encountering an accident, or detonating a mine are methods that reduce your health. However, you can get killed from any of these actions. Thus, the best way is to go on a diet that decreases this stat.

The Hot Cheetos diet is ideal because it has a massive effect on your health, and it will keep the percentage at 0.

Once you graduate from school, get a job, marry someone for money, or kill your parents to get an inheritance. Use whichever method you prefer to make money because you need enough money to treat diseases and maintain your diet. You may live in a country that offers free health care.

Contracting The Bubonic Plague

Once your health is at 0%, keep ageing to see what happens. When you get a symptom pop-up, go to the doctor and choose the one with the highest reputation. You can get diagnosed with mad cow disease, restless leg syndrome, sexsomnia, scoliosis, sleep apnea, etc. If you get a fatal one like cancer, close the app to reset it. It may take several lives and generations before you get this diagnosis.


The bubonic plague symptoms are seizures with a high fever.

Once you visit the doctor, you can decide to treat it. It is curable, but if you ignore it, you may die.