How To Win A Championship In A Sport In Bitlife

You can become a professional athlete in Bitlife in any sports you want. This career is engaging as you can work on your skills and improve your greatness. It is a high-paying Job, and you can get paid as much as $50m per year.

Each sport has many teams. Some have up to 30 while others have less than 15. When you become an athlete, you can view your league’s finish every year. Most times, your greatness determines your position. If you finish first, your team will win the championship. This feat will also be on your record. Winning several times is essential to getting inducted into the hall of fame. This guide will walk you through becoming an athlete and how to win a championship.

Becoming An Athlete

You can choose sports as your talent when you are creating your character. This talent will give you high athleticism. If you don’t have god mode, you can keep randomising lives until you get one with this talent.

You can improve your athleticism by:

  • Practising martial arts: from age 8, you can ask your parents to let you take martial art lessons. If they agree, keep practising till you obtain the top belt.
  • Working out at the gym: you can start going to the gym when you are 12 years. Work out every year till you enrol in high school or university.
  • Going for walks: you can pick your pace and time for the walk. Use this option 2-3 times every year.

You also require good health and grades to join a sports team in school. You can study harder in school to improve this stat. Activities that increase your athleticism also boost your health.

Once you start high school or university, pick the sports you want and try out for the team.

If they accept you, practice harder every year till you graduate. You may get drafted to go pro after you finish school.

Another way is to request a tryout for a professional team.

Winning A Championship

When you become an athlete, you can work on your fitness and skills to improve your greatness.

The skills depend on the sports you play. Fitness is the same for all sports. When you practice, you can sustain an injury. You may treat it by going to physical therapy or undergoing surgery. However, this injury will affect your overall performance for the season. You can avoid this by closing and reopening the game when you injure yourself. It might take time to maximise these stats but keep practising every year. Another option is to take performance enhancers. However, this drug is illegal, and if caught, you may get banned from playing, and once you age, your stats will drop drastically. You can also get cancer from using this drug.

Once you have high skills, age to see your season performance and If your team does not finish 1st, you can age and try again, or close the game and reopen it. Because almost everything in this game depends on RNG, restarting it will generate a random season’s performance. Keep doing this until you get 1st position.