How To Get The Cat Lady Ribbon

There are various ribbons in Bitlife, and you can collect one when your character dies. Some are gender specific, and few require you to live a criminal life. The cat lady ribbon is a unique one. As the name implies, you must be a female character with many cats. However, this achievement requires patience because you must maintain a good relationship with your pets and lack a social life. Apart from these two rules, your life must be mediocre. This guide will walk you through the steps to getting this achievement.

Creating Your Character

Choose a female character and live anywhere you want. Whatever you do before 18 doesn’t matter. However, don’t get pregnant or get into any relationship. Stay away from criminal activities, drugs, and alcohol. Also, don’t interact with your family. You can emigrate to another country to avoid spending time with them.

After graduating from high school, there is no need to go to university, but you can apply if you want. Be careful not to get the academic ribbon. If you don’t wish to attend university, you can take three part-time jobs. It is better than a low-paying full-time career. You need enough money to buy a house for your cats.

The ideal property is an acreage, mansion, or equestrian property. These kinds are at the top of the list because they are expensive.

Purchasing Cats

Once you have enough money, purchase the property you want. Three options allow you to buy cats, the animal shelter, pet store, and cat breeders.

Animal Shelter

This option is available for all players. It is the cheapest method. You will get a random selection of dogs, cats, and fishes. However, most animals in the shelter have low happiness and health. They are usually old and have a short life span.

Cat Breeders

You can buy a purebred cat from the shop. This option is available for players with Bitizenship. Some breeds are Abyssinian, American shorthair, Bengal, Birman, Himalayan, ragdoll, Savannah, sphynx, etc. When you select one, you can get up to 5 different cats. Pick the one you want and purchase it. You can buy a kitten, 1-year or 2-year-old cats. It is advisable to buy from this store because the pets have good health and happiness.

Pet Store

This option is also a Bitizenship-only feature. You can purchase a wide variety of pets, such as cats, dogs, gerbils, snakes, rats, birds, turtles, fishes, and rabbits.

Buy as many cats as you can afford and spend time with all of them. Use the option below the relationship menu to spend time with your cats. As you age:

  • Don’t make friends
  • Don’t get into a relationship or hook up with anyone
  • Don’t try to save anyone in trouble
  • Avoid clubbing, drugs and alcohol
  • Don’t interact with your relatives
  • When your cats die, adopt more from the store.
  • Keep your bank balance below $1m to avoid getting the rich ribbon.
  • Avoid fighting and criminal activities

Spend time with your cats, adopt more from the store, and age. Repeat this process until your character dies. You can shorten your lifespan by visiting the witch doctor multiple times.