What Is The Highest Belt In Judo And All Martial Arts In Bitlife

Practising martial art is one of the activities you can perform in the mind & body tab. Once your character is eight, you will unlock this option. You can choose one and ask your parents to let you take lessons. The five martial arts in this category are Jiu-Jitsu, karate, judo, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo. Each has different moves you will learn after your second and final class.

Judo has the same icon as karate because they both originate from Japan. However, karate has more belts than judo. This article will guide you in getting the highest belt in Judo and all martial arts.

Highest Belt In Judo

The top belt in judo is red. Before you get it, you must pass through lessons and earn the belts before it.

After creating your character, go to the relationship tab and open your parent’s profile. You will get a pop-up of their name, age, education, occupation, and stats. The generosity and money stats influence whether they will let you practice martial arts. If these attributes are high, you have nothing to worry about, but if their generosity is low, they may not allow you to enrol in a course. With god mode, you can adjust this stat to your preference. You can also keep randomising lives till you get generous parents.

Keep ageing until you are eight, then ask your parents to let you practice judo. If they refuse, wait a few years and ask again. You can also practice this martial art when you are above 18, but you must pay to take a class.

If your parents agree for you to take judo courses, you may complete them at once or spread them over the years. There’s no point in waiting because your parents are paying for it. After your first class, you will earn the white belt. On the second one, you will get the yellow belt and learn the fist strike. The 3rd-6th ones are orange, green, brown, and black. The 7th lesson is the final one, and you will earn the red belt and learn how to perform a side kick.

You can use these moves to attack random people and those you know. Learning a move is helpful in middle or secondary school because you can use it against your bullies. When you get a pop-up of someone bullying, talking trash, or arguing with you, you might have the option to attack them. You can pick a fist strike/side kick as your move and a vital part of the body as your target. After delivering it, you will get a pop-up indicating the damage bar. The person can also die from the injuries. If the police arrest you, you may get charged with manslaughter, and you can go to prison if found guilty. You can avoid going to jail by closing the game and reopening it if you get arrested by the cops.

Highest Belts In All Martial Arts

The top belts in the five martial arts are;

  • Jiu-Jitsu: red
  • Judo: red
  • Karate: red
  • Kung Fu: black
  • Taekwondo: black