What Does Willpower Mean In Bitlife

Willpower is a person’s ability to control their actions and thoughts, set boundaries, resist temptations, and carry out plans. Willpower is a person’s drive to do better at something. It is the courage taken for someone to overcome a habit, an alcoholic or drug addict trying to overcome their addiction, a person trying to achieve a goal or self-control not to react in a certain way. If you have strong willpower, you tend to perform tasks faster, stay focused, have successful relationships, etc. People with weak willpower get distracted easily, procrastinate, etc.

Willpower In Bitlife

There are visible stats and hidden stats in Bitlife. The visible stats are; happiness, looks, smarts, and health.

The hidden stats are; discipline, athleticism, karma, fertility, and willpower.

Willpower is one of the stats that determine how easy life will be. It helps your character perform better at activities. If your character develops an addiction, this stat determines how fast recovery is. You might wonder why your character finds it difficult to overcome addictions. The extent of recovery is related to your willpower. With god mode, you can customize your character’s willpower and other attributes. You may edit characters in-game, such as a spouse, coworker, friend, etc. You can set this stat from low to high. Knowing the benefits of willpower is a step toward understanding how the game works.

Benefits Of Willpower

You can only edit other characters if you have god mode.

  • If your partner has low willpower, you can convince them to go off birth control.
  • Spouses with high willpower rarely cheat. If your spouse cheats a lot, they probably have low willpower.
  • If you’re having trouble convincing your spouse to sign a prenup, you can reduce their willpower.
  • You can convince a friend or partner to stay if they have low willpower.

Benefits Of Having High Willpower

If your character has strong willpower, it is beneficial in some ways;

  • High chance of getting promotions
  • High success rate in performing crimes, stealing, embezzling funds, ability to escape prison, etc.
  • Low chance of developing addictions. You will also overcome addictions with ease.
  • High willpower may contribute to long life
  • It helps you gain skills faster

How To View Willpower

There are only two ways to view your willpower;

When starting a new life – with god mode, you can customize your character’s willpower.

Meditating – from age 12, you can view your willpower. When you meditate, you have a chance to view a hidden stat. There are four hidden stats in Bitlife. You won’t always get a hidden stat when you meditate.

When you meditate, if the stat shown is not the willpower stat, do not tap to continue. Close the game, then reopen it and try to meditate again. You may repeat this method till the willpower stat is displayed.

How To Increase Or Decrease Willpower

You can increase willpower by doing good deeds, complimenting people, and meditating.

You can decrease willpower by sustaining addictions, insulting people, etc.

Willpower gives strength to withstand temptations, negative thoughts, etc. It is one of the hidden stats in Bitlife that determine the outcome of events. You can edit your character and in-game characters’ willpower with god mode.

Willpower helps to withstand addiction and overcome them with ease.