What Does Elope Mean In Bitlife

Elope implies escaping. It means to forego a formal wedding and run away secretly to get married, usually without parental consent. It also involves a person leaving their prospective spouse and running off with another lover. Some people elope to avoid objections from parents and because of religious or cultural conflict.

Elopement is a marriage performed in haste, with or without the presence of a crowd. Eloping saves people the money and stress of conducting a formal wedding.

Getting Married In Bitlife

There are two methods of getting married in Bitlife, planning a wedding and eloping.

Planning Your Wedding

Before you plan a wedding, you must get engaged with your partner. You can either ask or wait for them to propose.

You can go shopping and purchase an engagement ring for your partner. The price depends on the carat and stone type. If your partner has a high net worth, they might reject the one of low value.

You can also propose without a ring at a random venue. However, this option does not work often. Your partner may accept your proposal without one if your relationship is high.

Male partners will propose to you with a fake or high-quality ring. You may accept or reject it. However, female characters don’t propose with a ring. Once you or your partner accept the proposal, you will become engaged. You can now plan your wedding. You need money to get married.

However, you can reduce the costs by choosing a family member’s house, church, courthouse, or barn as the venue and no honeymoon.


Unlike all the formalities and stress it takes to plan a wedding, eloping requires only the consent of you and your partner. You don’t need to spend any amount to get married.

When you start dating someone, you can view their profile in the relationship tab. Eloping is one of the activities you can perform with your boyfriend/girlfriend in Bitlife. If you date someone below age 18, this option will be inaccessible. You will unlock it when you are 18 years. After eloping with your partner, your parents may argue with you. Also, eloping does not involve a prenup. Thus, in the case of a divorce, your partner may walk away with your fortune.

How To Elope

To run away with your partner, you must have a good relationship with them. You can improve this stat by paying a compliment, having a conversation, giving gifts and money, making love, going to the movie theatre, and spending time with them. If you have godmode, you can decrease your partner’s willpower. Doing this might make them agree to get eloped. You won’t get the option to elope if you are dating a royal.

If you want to get married for money, and you don’t want to go through the stress of proposing and signing a prenup, you may get eloped.

After eloping, you will share assets with your spouse. You won’t get the option to share your last name. Your parents may also argue with you about getting eloped.

While eloping is a cheap way of getting married, you may lose half of your assets to your partner if you get divorced. However, you can murder your partner instead of divorcing if your marriage fails.