What Does Discipline Mean In Bitlife?

Discipline is a value which means training someone to do something in a particular way. It builds confidence and self-esteem. It also helps focus on reaching goals, dealing with tasks, and overcoming boundaries. Discipline is essential for development and growth.

Attributes In Bitlife

There are several stats in Bitlife which affects your character. Different stats belong to different categories that include:

Main stats: there are four primary attributes which are happiness, health, smarts, and looks. These attributes determine how a character’s life will play out. Low happiness stat leads to depression and anxiety, bad health will cause different diseases and even death, poor smarts deprive you of getting advanced education, and terrible looks will deny you some jobs.

Hidden stats: Bitlife has several stats you can view at a certain age or when you perform an action. Athleticism, discipline, fertility, willpower, and karma are the hidden attributes of a character. You might find specific traits in friends, supervisors, parents, and siblings, such as petulance, religiousness, professionalism, craziness, generosity, etc.

Some stats come with different job packs like approval ratings for the politician career, street smarts for the street hustler job, greatness for the pro athlete career, etc.

Discipline In Bitlife

It is also called self-discipline. The ability to control yourself, work hard and achieve set goals. In Bitlife, discipline determines how well you perform at your job or school. With high discipline stat, your character will gain job performance skills faster. This stat also helps in avoiding addictions. Discipline affects many aspects of Bitlife. Some activities and scenarios improve this stat, such as doing kind deeds, resisting temptation, avoiding fights, etc.

If you have low discipline and moderate smarts, when you start school, you will have poor grades. However, if your smarts are poor and your discipline stat is high, you will begin school with good grades.

Discipline is the attribute that facilitates other stats. When creating your character, if you have god mode, you can adjust this slider on a scale of 0-100%.

Benefits Of Discipline

Having high discipline is beneficial in the following ways;

  • It helps a character perform better at work: your job performance will increase significantly.
  • It affects grades at school; characters will start school with good grades.
  • It helps in preventing addictions and deadly diseases; you will rarely develop addictions due to this attribute.
  • It assists in learning skills; the rate you learn instruments and improve your other skills will increase.

How To View Discipline Stat

Because discipline is a hidden characteristic, you can only view it in two ways;

Starting a new life

You can view this stat and adjust it if you have god mode. It is the first one on the attributes list, and you can adjust the slider from 0-100%.


From age 12, you can view a hidden stat when you meditate. After meditating, you will get a pop-up of the karma, fertility, discipline, or willpower trait. Once you view it, you won’t see an attribute till after some years. Thus, if it doesn’t display the discipline stat, do not tap to continue. Close the game, reopen it and meditate again. Repeat this method till you get the trait you want.