What Does A Prenup Do In Bitlife

A prenup is a written agreement signed before marriage. Knowing the pros and cons will go a long way in understanding the benefits of dissolving marriages in Bitlife. You may have come across prenups while getting married but do not understand how it works and why you end up with ‘peanuts’ after divorcing your partner in Bitlife. Learning about prenups will save you from losing your hard-earned fortune.

A prenup is an agreement signed by a couple before getting married, which sets how to divide assets if the marriage ends.

In most cases, when you are about to get married in Bitlife.  If your partner has more money, they will demand you to sign a prenup.

You may agree to sign, call off the wedding, call off the engagement, or break up completely. The good thing about calling the Engagement off is; that if you maintain a good relationship with your partner, they will keep proposing to you with Engagement rings almost every year, which you can sell for good money.

In Bitlife, females rarely propose with an engagement ring, so this trick works best on male partners.

Also, if you have more money than your companion, you may ask them to sign a prenup. This action doesn’t work out often as the partner might get angry and call off the wedding, engagement, or worse, break up with you. Realizing when to demand your partner to sign a prenuptial agreement is one of the steps to having a deeper understanding of Bitlife.

Should You Sign A Prenup?

If you sign a prenup, in the event of a divorce the judge will recognize the prenuptial agreement and order to settle your assets accordingly.

Demanding for your partner to sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage will guarantee that you don’t lose assets to your partner in a divorce.

In the absence of a prenup, if your spouse is wealthier than you. You may walk out of the marriage with half of their net worth.

When Can You Not Sign A Prenup?

  • When you elope with your partner, you won’t have the choice of signing a prenup.
  • As a royal, you don’t have the option to ask your partner to sign a prenup. If the marriage dissolves your partner may walk out with half of your fortune.
  • Also, when you are marrying into a royal family, your partner can not ask you to sign a prenup. When filing for a divorce you will most probably walk away with half of your partner’s fortune. This is a lucrative method of amassing wealth in Bitlife.

If you are getting married to an older person for money, it doesn’t matter what option you select because when your partner dies, you will inherit their properties given that they don’t have any children.

Choosing the right option and understanding when to ask your partner to sign a prenup is essential. If you have way more money than your partner, it is advisable to ask them to sign a prenup so they don’t walk away with half of your fortune. If they do, you can always sue them for ruining your marriage.