How To Work For Bitlife In Bitlife

There are different employers you can work for based on your location in Bitlife. In the job listing, you may find the same job title with several employers. If you fail a job interview, you can apply for the same position in another corporation. You can also work for Bitlife in this game. When you get a job at Bitlife, you will unlock the candywriter achievement. There are some steps you have to follow to complete the achievement.

Creating Your Character

When starting a new life, you must select the United States as your country and Miami as your city. Bitlife developer, Candywriter headquarters is in Miami. Therefore, to have a chance at working for Bitlife, your character must live in Miami.

After creating your character, if you have low smarts, you can increase this stat by visiting the public library and reading books. You should have at least 50% smarts just in case. You can also study harder in high school and join extracurricular activities for a chance to get a scholarship to the university.

Applying To University

After graduating from high school, you may apply to University, take some time off, or look for a job. You may get a part-time job to help pay for University. Major in computer science when you’re ready to apply. If you don’t find this course, you can close the app and reopen it, switch to a previously saved life, then change back or age up. Any of these options will reset the list of majors. When you get accepted to study computer science, you may apply for a scholarship, ask your parents to pay, or apply for a student loan. After choosing how you will pay, you will start university.

Working For Bitlife

When you complete four years in University with a degree in computer science, you can look for a job. To get the candywriter achievement, you must apply for a position in the mobile app developer career.

You can get a job as an app tester or app developer. The employer must be Bitlife for it to count. If you don’t find this job or employer on the job list, you may reset the app or age up to refresh the list. Once you get an interview, answer the question reasonably. You will unlock the achievement after you get the job.

As a Jr. App developer, you must work hard to get promoted to app developer and Sr. App developer. You can also increase your performance by adjusting your working hours to at least 50/week.

After working for 20 years, you will collect a mobile app developer career.

There are different achievements to collect in this game, with Candywriter being one of them. To unlock this achievement, you must work for Bitlife. To work for Bitlife;

  • You must be born in Miami, United States because this is where developer Candywriter headquarters is situated.
  • Study computer science at the university to join the mobile app developer career.
  • Get a job as an app tester or developer with Bitlife as the employer.