How To Work As A Barber In Prison In BitLife

When you get arrested in Bitlife, you may go to prison if you are found guilty. In prison, your character will have bars on their portrait and various activities to perform. While in prison, you can get a job to help you out when you get released. You also need money to bribe the guards. There are numerous jobs in this section. However, it is low-paying, and you can only have one job at a time. One of the positions you can get is a barber. Like the extracurricular activities in schools, this section generates randomly, and if the job you want is not on the list, resetting the game may not refresh this category.

This article will guide you on how to become a barber in prison.

How To Get Into Prison

In the crime section, the different activities you can commit are;

  • Bank Robbery: you can rob a bank and get away with a lot of money. If caught, you may get sent to a medium-security prison.
  • Burglary: when you pick your victim, you have to play a minigame which involves collecting valuables while avoiding the police, owner, or a dog.
  • Embezzle: this option will become available when you have a full-time job.
  • Grand Theft Auto: there are five cars you can steal. If you don’t have crime as your talent, you may get caught by someone or the police. You can go to a minimum prison if you are found guilty.
  • Hitman: you can hire a contract killer when you are 18. The contract killer may perform a successful murder, be a cop, or run away with your money.
  • Mischief: your siblings may ask you to perform mischievous activities with them. You can also act alone. If caught, you may spend 1-2 years in prison for disorderly conduct.
  • Murder: this crime has the highest consequences. You may get the death penalty, a life sentence, or many years in prison. You will get sent to a maximum prison.
  • Pickpocket: you can steal a small amount of money from a random person.
  • Porch Pirate: this option allows you to steal a neighbour’s mail.
  • Shoplift: there is a list of items you can take from the mall. If successful, you can resell it for a lower price.
  • Train Robbery: robbing a train is the most lucrative option on this menu. You can cart away millions when you get the right timing.

Working As A Barber

After getting into jail, scroll down the activities category to find the prison jobs. When you open this tab, you will get various jobs, such as cook, farmer, highway sign maker, machine fixer, barber, military uniform maker, etc. The rates are usually $2-$4. If the barber job is not on the list, you can try to reset the game by closing and reopening it. However, this method seldom works. If you reset the game and the list does not refresh, you must leave the prison and get into another one. It is advisable to commit petty crimes and go to a minimum or medium facility because they have a lesser sentence and better escape routes.

Once this job appears on the list, you can request it. The pop-up will display the daily rate. When you get the job, it will appear below the behaviour stat.