How To Win Horse Races In Bitlife

Many people gamble daily. Gambling is an activity that involves a person betting money in hopes of getting double or triple of that same money. Gambling is very risky because you win some and lose some, and the few times you win will bring you back for more which develops an addiction. If you have ever wanted to gamble without actually staking your money, Bitlife – life simulation is a text-based game where you can live as recklessly as possible. This game offers a lot of possibilities which include two ways to gamble;

Visiting The Casino 

The first option is to visit the casino. After selecting where you would like to gamble, you will be shown your bank balance, session earnings, and the amount you can bet, then you may decide to `deal them’ or `leave the casinoʼ. Once you have selected the amount you can afford to lose, choose the option to `deal themʼ. A mini-game will appear on the screen where you can play a game of Blackjack. This game uses brain skills. After playing your hand, you may either win or lose. If you lose, your happiness will decrease, and your partner may argue with you about losing money.

The second gambling option is by betting on horses. This article is a walkthrough on how to win horse races in Bitlife.

Going To The Horse Track

This option is in the activities menu. When you select this option, you will be required to pay an admission fee, after which you may now place your bet.

This gambling option is more complicated than going to the casino because this is entirely on luck. There are five horses to bet on, these horses will race to the finish line, and there can only be one winner. A horse might not finish the race.

After you have selected the horse of your choice and placed your bet, a mini-game will be displayed on the screen where you can watch the race. There are five colors, and each horse represents each color. As soon as the race starts, you cannot influence the winning horse.

If the horse you selected wins, you will get five times the money you bet. If you lose, your happiness will decrease drastically. To prevent this from happening, do not tap to continue. Reset the app, and you won’t lose money and happiness.

Continuous gambling will form an addiction that can be cured in the rehab center. Ensure you have enough money to lose when betting on horses, or just bet the smallest amount. If you have no wish to bet you may watch the horse races. Watching the races boost happiness.

Although, there are some horses with higher chances of winning, such as Candyrider, Bitizen, Lady Laila, Forestt Jump, etc. Betting on these horses does not guarantee a win as some of these horses have lost in some races.

When betting on horses in Bitlife, it is advisable to stake what you can afford to lose. Although betting on horses is based on RNG, some horses have higher chances of winning. It is not advisable to gamble in real life. Stick to gambling in Bitlife as there are no serious consequences of this action except developing an addiction that can be reversed at a rehab.