How To Trash Talk Opponents In Bitlife

Talking trash to opponents is a feature of the pro athlete job pack. When you become a professional athlete, one of the numerous scenarios you may encounter is an opponent saying trash about you. When you get this pop-up, you will have an option to talk trash to them. The player may ignore or attack you, which may lead to death. This scenario does not appear often. You might not get this pop-up throughout your term as an athlete. However, this article will guide you on how to get this pop-up.

Becoming A Professional Athlete

Select sports as your special talent when creating your character to have high athleticism. This stat will determine whether you will get accepted into a sports team or not. If your character does not have sports as their talent, you can ask your parents to let you take martial arts classes when you are eight. You can also take walks to improve this stat. Once you begin middle school, you can view your athleticism by selecting a sports team on the extracurricular activities list. You will unlock the gym option from age 12. Keep practising martial arts, going on walks, and working out at the gym to have high athleticism. Having good grades is also a requirement to join a sports team. You can improve it by studying harder at school.

When you start high/secondary school, open the extracurricular activities tab and select the sports you want, then try to join them. You will get accepted if you meet the criteria.

Practice harder every year until you have a good performance. Your teammates or captain may nominate you to become the captain. This position will help you on your path to becoming an athlete.

After graduating high school, you may get drafted to play professional sports or get a scholarship to play in the university.

If you get the latter option, go to university, and when you graduate, you will get a contract to go pro. Once you accept it, you will become an athlete.

Talking Trash To An Opponent

Once you become an athlete, you can view your team strength, league standings, historical stats, etc. You can also work on your fitness and skills. Each sport has different skills to improve. As an athlete, you can sustain injuries when you are playing or practising. You can go for therapy or undergo surgery based on the pain level.

As you age, you will get pop-ups of random scenarios, such as fan interaction, teammates and captain relations, trash-talking opponents, or urine tests. If you’re lucky, you may encounter an opponent talking to you. Another way to get this scenario is by closing and reopening the game when you don’t get this pop-up. It is usually before the pop-up displaying your season, league finish, records and stats.

The pop-up indicates a player addressing you. You can attack them, talk trash, ignore them, or blow them a kiss. When you talk trash, the game will select a random reply to them. You may get away with it, or the player will attack and kill you.