How To Take Voice Lessons And Increase Voice Skill In Bitlife

With the addition of special careers in Bitlife, you can become an actor, politician, musician, street hustler, etc. The musician job is one of the highest-paying careers. To become an artiste, you must have high voice or instrument skills. There are various instruments you can master. However, only specific ones can get you into this career. The voice skill guarantees a spot in a band or an occupation as a solo artist. You will have access to this option once you are eight years. You can only take lessons three times a year to improve this skill. Spamming this option won’t give you an increase in this stat. After your first class, your skill will determine whether you can master it or not. This article will guide you in taking voice lessons and improving this skill.

Selecting Your Special Talent

The key to becoming a musician is possessing musical talent. You can select the music talent when creating your character to help you gain skills faster. If you don’t have this talent, you might start with low voice skills. The bar might even be red, and improving it may take years.

Once you start a new life, check if your parents have high generosity and money. These stats will determine whether they will let you take this class. With god mode, you can edit the generosity trait. You may also randomise characters till you get parents with these stats.

Taking Voice Lessons

Once you are eight, ask your parents to let you take voice lessons. You can find this option at the bottom of the mind & body menu. If your parents disagree, you can age up a few years and try again, or wait till you are above 18. Taking these lessons is free until after eighteen years.

If your parents allow you to take voice classes, you can enrol in a course for it. If you have the music talent, you will have orange or green skill stat.

You can improve it by taking lessons. However, only use this option three times a year because any other attempt to increase it is futile. Keep practising every time you age for maximum results. If you are consistent, you should master this stat before age 18.

If you don’t master this skill before eighteen years, you must pay to continue learning. You can get money by engaging in criminal activities, taking part-time jobs or from freelance gigs. It is advisable to start practising this skill as a child because it takes years to master it.

Once you have a maximum stat, you can try to join a band as a singer or audition to become a solo artist. If you perform well, you will get a contract to produce music in a random genre. If you sign it, you will receive an advance, and you can start releasing albums and singles. You will unlock the fame tab when you become famous. You can improve your popularity by releasing records. Your singles and albums can also get gold, platinum, double platinum, or diamond certification.