How To Survive A Dangerous Boat Or Plane Encounter In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can purchase cars, trucks, boats, yachts, aircraft, etc. When your character is 18 years, you can go shopping for vehicles, properties, jewellery, and instruments. When you buy a boat or plane, you can take it on a ride or fly it. You may get into an encounter with these vehicles. When this happens, you must choose from 4 options and picking the wrong one will lead to death. This walkthrough will guide you on surviving a dangerous encounter in Bitlife.

Surviving A Boat Encounter

Once your character is 18 years, you can take the boating test to get your license. Unlike the driving test, which you can take for free on your first trial, you must pay to take the boating test. You can find this option in the license menu. After taking the test, you will get your license. Boats are expensive to purchase and maintain. Thus, you must have enough money to buy it. You can become a royal, actor, musician, athlete, or even a model because these jobs are high-paying.

When you purchase a boat, you can view it in the assets menu. You can let it float away, give it to someone, schedule maintenance, repair, take it on a ride, sell, and scrap it. To encounter trouble at sea, take your boat on a ride. You will get a pop-up indicating your enjoyment stat. Continue riding it until this stat disappears.

It might take some time before you come across this. But keep trying, and you will eventually get it. Also, a boat with a low condition will speed up the process.

Once this happens, the following pop-up will indicate an encounter asking you what to do. You may call the coast guard, abandon ship, go down with it or try to steer it back to shore. The best option is to abandon it. You might survive if you try to steer it back. But this option doesn’t work every time.

However, you have a higher chance of surviving when you abandon it, but you will lose your boat.

Surviving A Plane Encounter

To take the pilot test, you must complete 40 hours of flight school. You can take one hour or 10 hours of lessons. Taking 10 hours at a time might kill your character. Therefore, you can begin with one-hour classes and switch to save time. Once you complete it, you can take the pilot test and get your license. Aircraft are also expensive, even more than boats. You must be wealthy to purchase an aircraft. Used planes may be in decent or poor condition. There is a high chance of having an encounter with poor-condition planes.

After purchasing the aeroplane, you can leave it somewhere, take it for a flight, give it to someone, schedule maintenance, pay off your loan, repair it, sell, and scrap it.

When you take it for a flight, you may encounter trouble if the enjoyment stat is non-existent. You may sit back and accept your fate, try to land as calmly as possible, jump out, or try to land as quickly as possible.

The best options are to land as quickly or calmly as possible. However, the outcome you will get depends on random. If you survive, you won’t lose your aircraft.