How To Steal A Bugatti In Bitlife

When you reach the age of 14 in Bitlife, you can engage in criminal activities, such as burgling a home, stealing a car, engaging in mischief, killing someone, pickpocketing a stranger, stealing a neighbour’s mail, and stealing something from the mall.

Stealing cars is an easy way to make money in Bitlife. Some jobs require a car, and you might not have enough money to purchase one. Also, performing a drive-by involves a vehicle, and it is better to steal one. However, you might get caught by someone or the police while starting the car. The cops can also trace your stolen vehicle after a few years or when you sell it to someone.

There are various vehicles you may come across in this menu. You might also get lucky and find a Bugatti. This vehicle is worth a lot of money, and stealing it can make you wealthy. However, you might not get fortunate while performing this activity. If you are struggling with stealing this vehicle, this article will guide you in achieving this.

Choosing Your Talent

When creating your character, you can select crime as your talent if you have the mafia job pack. You may also increase your karma with godmode to avoid getting caught while stealing.

After starting a new life, age up till you are 14 and engage in good deeds while ageing to increase your karma.

Stealing A Bugatti

There are two methods of performing this action which include;

Using The Crime Menu In The Activities Tab

This method is less stressful but does not guarantee success. Open the grand theft auto option to display the list of vehicles. You will get a selection of 5 different cars. This menu does not show the condition and price of the vehicle. If you don’t find a Bugatti on this list, close the game and reopen it. Keep repeating this method until it appears in the category. It is a rare car. Thus, it might take some time to get it.

Once it appears, choose it and try to steal it. You will get a pop-up that indicates whether it was successful or not. Someone might catch you in the act and beat you up or report you to the police. You may get arrested and sentenced to prison if you are found guilty. However, you can avoid any adverse outcome by closing the game and reopening it.

Using The Crime Menu In The Mafia Tab

You have a better chance of stealing cars if you are in the mafia. To join the mafia, commit enough criminal activities. You can try to become a member of one with low notoriety. After joining, go to the crime tab and open the grand theft auto menu. This method has a high success rate.

Therefore, when you come across the Bugatti, you can steal it without getting caught.

The only downside of this method is that you will get a pop-up whether to contribute it to the family or keep it. If you decide to keep it, they might beat you up and kill you.

Successfully looting it will unlock the Bugatti bandit achievement. The vehicle will appear in your assets after stealing it. You can decide to sell it on the black market or post an ad online. You can sell it for as much as $2m.