How To Start A Riot And Escape In Bitlife

After committing a crime in Bitlife, you may get away with it or get arrested by the police. If convicted, you will lose your job or drop out of school and get sent to prison based on the severity of your crime. In prison, there are limited activities you can perform. There are two methods of breaking out from prison, attempting to escape and starting a riot.

The latter is more difficult to achieve. If you’re looking to escape from prison through a riot, this article will guide you on the procedures.

How To Get Into Prison

In the crime menu, there are various crimes you can commit, such as bank robbery, burglary, embezzle, grand theft auto, hitman, mischief, murder, pickpocket, porch pirate, shoplift, and train robbery. There are three different prisons you can get sentenced to based on the severity of your crime.

  • Minimum security prison
  • Medium security prison
  • Maximum security prison

Minimum and medium prisons are for less serious offences, while maximum prison is for severe crimes like murder.

When you get into prison, the activities you can perform are;

Appeal: you can hire a local firm to appeal your sentence. Always hire the firm with the highest price because you will have a higher chance of getting out of prison.

Bribe the guards: if successful, you will pay the guards to protect you for a short period. If unsuccessful, your sentence might get extended for bribery.

Conjugal visit: you can request a visit from your partner if the guards allow you. Conjugal visits are illegal in some countries.

Cry: crying in prison increases your happiness stat. However, if caught by your inmates, they may ridicule you. Also, if you are in a prison gang, they will kick you out.

Escape: you can attempt to escape by playing a minigame in which you must reach the exit without the guard catching up with you. This method is better than starting a riot.

Gang: this option is only available in medium and maximum prisons. Each group has its requirements. To join one, you must belong to that category.

Infirmary: when you get sick, you can ask politely or demand to go to the infirmary. If you have different ailments, the game will randomly select the one the infirmary will treat.

Letter: you can send a letter to your relatives and lover. They may reply to you, send a package or ignore you.

Mind & Body: in this tab, you can work out in the yard, visit the prison library, and meditate in your cell. Each activity increases the happiness and health stats.

Prison Jobs: this option is a way to earn money in prison. However, these jobs are low-paying.

Prison Yard: you can interact with other prisoners here. You can view your respect and your relationship with your inmates.

Riot: you can start a riot and recruit prisoners. If successful, you will escape from jail.

How To Riot

After selecting the riot option, you will get a pop-up displaying a mini-game. To play this game, swipe up, down and sideways to move in the box. This game is similar to the famous snake game.

Note: Recruit as many prisoners as you can to join the riot! Don’t run into the walls, the guards, or your chain of prisoners.

Swipe to change directions!

Move in the direction of the prisoner to recruit them. When you start the game, you have to recruit ten prisoners. After recruiting them, they will attack the guards, and you will get a pop-up. The chance of escaping during a 10-prisoner riot is rare. You can only riot once a year. Thus, age up to start another one. The next one is the 15-prisoner riot. When you complete it, you will get another pop-up. If you don’t escape, you will move to the 20-prisoner, then the 25-prisoner riot. You can break out in the 15 and 20 prisoners riot, but it might take time. When you complete this riot, and you are unable to escape, close the game and riot again till you escape from prison. You will get the aftermath achievement when you successfully escape from prison.