How To Scare Someone To Death In Bitlife

There are various methods of killing someone in Bitlife. You can use gruesome procedures, such as whacking out as a mafia member or executing someone as a royal. If you have bitizenship, you can hire a contract killer to perform the job. You can also carry out the killing by using the murder option in the crime menu. You can pick the victim, your method, and murder them. There are various methods you can use, such as drive-by, poison, impale, elephant laxative, bear trap, push down stairs, scare to death, etc. Some of them are easy to execute, while some are not. To perform a drive-by, you need a driving license and a car. Scaring someone to death is one of the risky methods to perform. There is even an achievement for it. It involves knocking on your victim’s doors and scaring them till they die. This technique may not be successful, and you may get attacked or killed. However, this article will guide you in successfully scaring someone to death in Bitlife.

Creating Your Character

When you want to start a new life, choose crime as your special talent. It will help you commit crimes with ease. If you don’t have the mafia job pack, you can randomise characters till the game selects one with this talent. With godmode, you can increase your karma and willpower. Karma will prevent you from getting caught by the police.

Once you create your character, do good deeds as you age to improve your karma. Compliment people, avoid fights, be kind to people, etc.

You can view your karma when you meditate. This option will become available from age 12. If you meditate and it displays another stat, don’t tap to continue. Close the game and reopen it, then try again.

You will unlock the murder option once you are 14 years. However, if you get caught committing a crime before 18 years, you will get sent to juvenile and transferred to prison when you become legal. You won’t get the option of going to court. Therefore, it is better to kill someone when you are above eighteen years- because you can bribe the police, try to run away, or hire a lawyer to defend you.

Scaring Someone To Death

High karma and crime talent are the keys to performing a successful murder. To scare someone to death, go to the crime menu and select the murder option.

Pick your victim and method. If the person you want is not on the list, close the game and reopen it to refresh the list. However, if “scare to death” is not one of the techniques, select the x button and try again. Check to see if your victim has high craziness. This stat may affect whether the murder will be successful.

After choosing your victim and method, you will get a pop-up indicating if it was successful.

Note: pay attention to your happiness stat. 0% means that they will attack you or you will get arrested.

You can avoid negative results by closing and reopening the game. However, you cannot use this technique if you get killed.