How To Rob A Train In Bitlife

Living a life of crime is fun in Bitlife. You may be tired of living a lawful life and want to try an exciting way of playing, or maybe you need fast cash. In Bitlife – life simulator, you can explore different criminal activities. Just like in real life, there are consequences of being a criminal. However, you don’t need any education to be a criminal. You can go from pickpocketing strangers to becoming a godfather. The choice is yours.

Crime Menu

In this menu, there are various activities you can perform;

  • Rob a bank
  • Burgle a home
  • Embezzle funds from work
  • Steal a car
  • Arrange a contract killing
  • Engage in some mischief
  • Kill someone
  • Pickpocket a stranger
  • Steal a neighbor’s mail
  • Steal something from the mall
  • Rob a train

Robbing a train in Bitlife has zero consequences, and if successful, you can get away with millions of dollars. This guide will walk you through the process of robbing a train in Bitlife.

Train Robbery

Although train robbery is the most complicated activity on the crime menu, you don’t need any skill to perform this activity. There are three different trains you can rob. The train you select will not affect the outcome of the robbery. You can also choose the time you would like to rob the train. There are five different times when trains take off. These times play an important role in robbing a train.

You may wonder why you have never successfully robbed a train or why the train never shows up. Keep reading to find out why.

To rob a train in Bitlife, your time in real life must align with the time you choose to steal from the train. If you try to cheat the game by adjusting your device’s time, your character will die in the robbery. These are the different times you can rob a train:


Sunrise is the time in the morning when the sun appears. Different places in the world have different sunrises, but in Bitlife, this time is by 6:00 AM. If you want to rob a train by this time, your time in real life has to be 6:00 AM.

High noon

This time is the same time for everyone. To perform a robbery at this time, it has to be 12:00 PM where you are.

4:20 PM

This time is straightforward. You have to rob a train at exactly 4:20 PM.


Just like sunrise, the time for sunset is by 6:00 PM. This time is when you should carry out the robbery.


Midnight is the most common time for Train Robbery. There’s also an achievement for robbing the midnight train. This robbery must be carried out at 12:00 AM.

You can get so much money from robbing a train. The trick to being punctual is by setting a reminder 2-5 minutes before the robbery. Once it is time, open your game immediately, go to the crime section and rob the train. If you are a minute late, you will miss the train.

If your game takes time to open, you should load the game a minute before the time of the robbery. The money you will get from stealing is random, but you will get millions from a single robbery.