How To Rob A Bank In Bitlife

Robbing a bank is challenging in real life and Bitlife – life simulator game. Robbing a bank is a crime that, when caught, has dire consequences. When fortunate, you can get away with a lot of money. In this guide, you will learn how to rob a bank in Bitlife without spending 10-15 years in prison.

Creating The Perfect Life

The first thing to do is to create your character. With god mode, you can customize your character by selecting crime as a special talent and increasing karma so there will be fewer chances of getting caught when you commit any crime. If you don’t have god mode, you may keep starting a new life till the game selects a character with a special talent in crime.

However, you won’t be able to randomize karma because the only way to view karma is by meditation, which can be accessed from age of twelve.

Robbing A Bank

When you turn eighteen, you may now access the bank robbery option in the crime menu. To rob a bank, you have to pick:

  • Your bank- There are three options you can pick. Whichever option you select doesn’t affect the outcome of the robbery.
  • Your weapon- There are different ridiculous weapons you can choose to rob a bank, for example, sharp acrylic nail, croquet mallet, molotov cocktail, BB gun, etc.
  • Your disguise- There are also ridiculous disguises such as predator, Iron Man, Willy Wonka, or Guy Fawkes mask. You may pick any disguise you want, but this also doesn’t determine whether the robbery will be successful or not.
  • Your getaway- this is the ‘how’ you plan to escape. If you have a car, you may select it as your getaway. There is a high chance of success if you choose your car as a getaway. If you don’t have a car, you may purchase one from the assets tab or try to steal one from the Grand Theft Auto option in the crime menu.

Like almost everything in this game, the amount you escape with will be random. You cannot select how much you will steal.

After making your selection, what happens next may go in two directions;

  • You have a successful robbery and escape with a lot of money.

  • You get caught while robbing the bank. Once this happens, do not tap to continue. Restart the app by closing it and reopening it. This trick will revert the game to your last autosave. You may now attempt to rob the bank again. If you are unsuccessful, repeat the method above till the robbery is successful.

There is so much you can do in Bitlife. Living a crime-filled life is one of them. Choosing to rob a bank is a step in living as a criminal, which has consequences. If caught, you may be looking at ten years above if you’re found guilty. To avoid this, following the steps above can reduce your chances of spending at least ten years in prison. If you do get caught, reset the app. Repeat this method till you successfully rob a bank. This is all you need to know about robbing banks in Bitlife.