How To Reconnect With An Estranged Child In Bitlife?

You can have various relationships in Bitlife, such as parents, siblings, friends, exes, pets, children, etc. When you have children, you can only perform three interactions with them till they age up to 3 years. These activities are;

Abandon: you can abandon your child at any age. Doing this will reduce your relationship bar, and you will only have access to 2 options in the activities list. You may try to reconnect with them later in the future.

Adopt out: you may put your child up for adoption while they are still young. Unlike abandoning your child, you cannot reconnect with them after giving them away.

Doctor: as you age, you may get pop-ups of your kid, such as ailment, school, death, etc. When your child gets diagnosed with an illness, you can take them to the doctor to get treated. You won’t have this option after they turn 18 years.

As your child ages, you will have access to more interactions with them. You can engage in other activities, such as gifts, compliments, conversation, giving money, spending time, etc.

When you abandon your child, they become estranged.

There are various reasons you may leave your child in Bitlife. When you do this, you won’t get any notifications on their wellbeing. The relationship stat will become non-existent. Your partner may also argue with you for abandoning their child resulting in a decrease in your relationship with them. However, you have a chance to reconnect with them. Reaching out to someone with a low relationship in Bitlife is difficult. Reconnecting with a child with a zero relationship bar is more difficult because you can only perform two activities with them.

The first step to reconnecting with an estranged child is improving your relationship. There are some ways to get a full bar, which include:

  • Gifting them a house; to accomplish this, you must have enough money to purchase a moderate house. You can buy a luxurious one if you are wealthy enough. To gift your kid the property, they must be above 18. Therefore, this option works when you have money and your child is above 18 years.
  • Gifting them a car or jewellery; vehicles are not as expensive as houses. You can purchase a new car or one in good condition and gift your kid. Your child must be old enough to receive this gift. Their appreciation for the gift determines if the relationship stat will increase.
  • Gifts; unlike giving cars and houses, you can purchase varieties of gifts for your child from age 2. You need to have some money to buy different items. The best and cheapest gifts are the Bitlife hoodie and bitizenship. Purchasing these items will give a significant boost to the relationship bar. However, you might have to keep refreshing the list as it may take some time to find any of these gifts.

When your relationship with your child is good enough, try to reconnect with them. If they reject you, age up, then try to reconnect again.

You may get successful on your first few tries or not. Trying to reconnect with your child might get frustrating if they keep refusing. Unfortunately, some children won’t reconnect, even with maximum relationship stat. Therefore, if you are trying to complete a challenge, it is advisable to have other options.