How To Raise Instrument Skill Level In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can perform various activities in the mind and body category. These activities improve one or more stats in the game. You can take acting lessons, tend to your garden, work out at the gym, visit the public library, practice an instrument, etc. There are several instruments you can take lessons on, such as accordion, bass guitar, didgeridoo, guitar, kazoo, steel drum, tambourine, etc. When you master an instrument, you can become a musician by picking your career type and auditioning. To become a musician, you must purchase this job pack, characters with musical talent master instruments faster than those with poor music skills. If you want to become a bassist, cellist, guitarist, saxophonist, pianist, drummer, violinist, or keyboardist, you need to have high skill in any of these instruments. This article will guide you on how to raise instrument skills.

Creating Your Character

If you have the musician job pack, you can select music as your special talent. This talent will give your character an advantage when taking instrument lessons. However, some characters may be good at some instruments without having musical talent. If you have god mode, you may increase your willpower as this stat might help boost instrument skill.

If you started playing already, there’s nothing you can do to modify your character’s talent.

Practicing An Instrument

You can view the instrument tab in the mind and body activity. You will have access to this tab from age 8. Be kind to your parents and have good grades as this might influence whether they would let you take courses. Your parents’ wealth also affects their willingness to let you take instrument lessons.

At age 8, you can select any instrument and ask your parents to let you take lessons. If they agree, you may start taking courses. With the new street hustler update, if you start practicing an instrument, your parents might purchase a brand new one for you.

You can view it in the assets tab. Playing with it might improve your skill or damage it. You can also improve its condition by polishing and tuning it.

Generosity also influences whether your parent will let you take courses. If they keep refusing, you might have to start practicing when you turn 18. At this age, you must pay to take instrument lessons. Therefore, you can take part-time jobs in high school or get money from criminal acts, such as burgling, stealing cars and selling them, etc.

Once you enroll in a course, you can only take lessons thrice a year, after which the bar would stop increasing. You can keep taking classes thrice a year until your skill is high enough.

In Bitlife, you can try to audition or join a band as a bassist, pianist, saxophonist, violinist, etc. To increase your chances of getting selected, you must practice the instrument to improve your skill. Choosing music as your talent when creating your character will help you improve your skills faster. You can ask your parents to let you take instrument lessons when you reach the age of 8. It is advisable to increase your skill at a young age as you will have to pay to take courses after age 18.