How To Practice Gymnastics In Bitlife

When you enrol in middle school, high/secondary school, or university, you can join different extracurricular activities. Some weekly challenges in Bitlife require you to join an extracurricular activity. There are also achievements which you must enter a club to complete.

The different extracurricular activities include; academic decathlon, varieties of sports teams, chess, cooking, drama, glee, golf, maths, weightlifting, etc. To join a sports team in Bitlife, you must have good athleticism and health stats. The gymnastics team is one of the sports teams. This walkthrough will guide you on how to join and practice gymnastics.

Having High Athleticism

Some characters are born with high athleticism, while some with low athleticism. To ensure that this stat is high, select sports as your talent when creating your character. However, if you don’t have the pro athlete job pack, you can improve this stat by;

  • Working out at the gym: you can go to the gym from age 12. When you visit the gym, you may find yourself in different scenarios, such as meeting someone and showing symptoms of an ailment.
  • Practising martial arts: there are five martial arts you can practice such as; judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, kung fu, and taekwondo. You can ask your parents to let you take any of these classes when you reach age 8. Each time you take a lesson, you will earn a new belt. After completing a martial art, you will learn a new move.
  • Going on walks: from age 8, you can go on walks at different paces and times.

You can keep performing these options till your athleticism is high.

When you start middle school, you can view your athleticism by selecting a sports team on the extracurricular activities list.

Having Good Health

With god mode, you can adjust your character’s health when starting a new life. You can also improve this stat by performing activities in the mind and body tab. Getting a massage and treating diseases will improve your health. Improving your athleticism will also increase your health stat.

Unlike the athleticism stat, you can view and manage your health as it is one of the main attributes. You can maintain this stat by treating diseases as soon as you get diagnosed and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Practising Gymnastics

The list of extracurricular activities generates randomly. Therefore, you might not find the club or team you want to join.

Note: both male and female characters can join the gymnastics team.

If you don’t have this team in middle school, age up till you start high/secondary school, then university. If this option doesn’t show up for you even after enrolling in University, you can drop out and then reapply or start a new life and begin again with the whole process.

Once you find it on the extracurricular activities list, try to join the team. You will get accepted with good grades, high athleticism and health stats. After joining the team, you can view your performance tab when you open the school menu.

Selecting it will display the activity, status, years on the team, and weekly hours. You can also practice harder and quit the team.

To improve your performance, you must practice harder each year. When your team performance is high, your coach or teammates may ask you to become the captain.