How To Perform An Exorcism Guide In Bitlife

In Bitlife, you can own as many properties as you desire. In the assets menu, you can shop for cars, jewelry, instruments, airplanes, boats, and properties. You can own different properties based on how wealthy you are in Bitlife. Mansions, castles, acreage, equestrian properties, and ranches are generally expensive. Some reasons you may need to buy a property include;

  • Buying a house for your partner
  • More space for your pets
  • You need to have a house to adopt children
  • Completing achievements
  • You need to have an equestrian property to own a horse.

There are also haunted properties you can purchase in Bitlife. These properties are easy to identify because of their haunted icons. Owning a haunted property gives you a chance to encounter a ghost. Ghosts in bitlife can attack you or kill you. Therefore acquiring a haunted property has risks. However, you can perform exorcisms to rid spirits in your haunted house. This guide will walk you through the steps to exorcise in Bitlife.

Owning A Haunted Property

You can own a haunted property by;

Purchasing One When You Go Shopping – is the typical way to own a haunted property. The prices of these properties vary with the type of house. If you’re looking for an expensive one, you should have at least $2m in your bank balance. You can also get haunted houses that cost as low as $70k. If you don’t find a haunted house on the list, you can close the app and reopen it or age up to refresh the list of properties. When you find one your budget can afford, you may apply for a mortgage or buy it with cash. If you have a partner, they may argue with you about buying a haunted house.

Marrying Someone That Owns A Haunted House – you can own a haunted property when you marry someone with one. You can view if your partner has a haunted property when you open their relationship tab.

Being Born Into Royalty – when you start life as a royal, you will own a royal or haunted palace or estate. These properties cost a fortune and cannot get sold. If you own a haunted property, you can view the hauntedness and the spirits residing there.

Performing An Exorcism

When you are above 18 years, you can interact with the spirits in your haunted property. You can view their friendliness and activeness stats. These stats affect how it will act towards you.

You can hire an exorcist to perform an exorcism, but this is not very effective. The most efficient way to exorcise a spirit is by performing the exorcism yourself. You will get this option when you get a job as an exorcist.

When you become an exorcist, you will get the option to hire the exorcist or do it yourself. You may perform a successful or unsuccessful exorcism. It is easier to exorcise a spirit with low activeness. Failure to exorcise a spirit will increase its activeness and lessen its friendliness.

If you fail to exorcise an unfriendly spirit, it may attack you. When you successfully exorcise one, you will get the begone achievement.

There are various entities you can exorcise in Bitlife, such as ghosts, phantoms, demons, specters, poltergeists, and banshees. You can also encounter the spirit of an ancestor. To exorcise a ghost by yourself, you must get a job as an exorcist and own a haunted property.