How To Own A Haunted Royal Estate In Bitlife

There are different properties you can own in Bitlife. Houses have various functions, such as keeping pets, adopting children, completing achievements, or increasing your net worth. The prices differ according to the size and type of property. Trailers, cottages, bungalows, and lofts are cheap, while mansions, castles, acreage, ranch, and equestrian properties are expensive. You can own regular and haunted houses in Bitlife. Most haunted houses have spirits residing inside. You can interact with them by exorcising or summoning them. If you work as an exorcist, you can perform an exorcism on the ghosts.

Another category of property is a royal estate. You can neither buy one from a real estate broker nor can you sell the one you possess. There are two methods of owning this type of residence. Both techniques involve becoming part of the royal family. This walkthrough will guide you on how to possess a haunted royal estate.

There are many countries in Bitlife with monarchies. Some are high-paying, like Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, etc. Countries like the United Kingdom have many titles, such as baron, viscount, earl, marquess, duke, prince, and king. In Monaco, there are only three ranks. The top rank differs in different countries. Japan has an emperor/empress, the United Arab Emirates has an emir/emira, the United Kingdom has a king/queen, and Monaco has a prince/princess.

Being Born As A Royal

It is the easy method of owning a haunted royal estate. When you start life as a royal, you will get a palace. It may be a regular or haunted one. The icon is different from the ones in the shop.

With god mode, you can choose the title you want. You can also keep randomising lives until you get one with royal status. This method might take time, but you will eventually get it. The hard part about randomising lives is that you can’t pick the type of estate you will own. Therefore, when you finally get a royal character, they might possess a regular estate instead of a haunted one.

If you have god mode, it is easy to keep starting new lives till you get a haunted royal estate. However, without god mode, it might take some time to get the character and property you want.

Marrying Into Royalty

This technique is more complex than the first one. You must live in a country with a monarch system to marry into royalty. If you start living in another place, you can emigrate to a country with a monarchy.

Once you graduate high school, work on your stats and get a job or apply to University. Your happiness, health, smarts, and looks should be above 60%. Becoming famous will also boost your chances of meeting a royal.

Keep using the ‘gym’ and ‘find a date’ options till you meet someone with royal status. It is better to go to the gym because you won’t get rejected. Once you start dating, you can improve your relationship and wait for your partner to propose.

After getting married, you will share their royal estate. You can view the type of property in the assets menu. If it is not a haunted palace, repeat this process.

It is advisable to use the first method because marrying into royalty is more stressful.