How To Own A Haunted House In Bitlife? – Where To Purchase A Haunted House Guide

There are two houses you can own in Bitlife, regular and haunted houses. The latter has a spooky icon and costs less than the ordinary type. Unlike typical properties, you won’t always find a haunted house in the shop. Thus, it might take some time to purchase the property you want.

When you own this property, you will get a spirit option with the hauntedness stat. You can view the entities living on your property and interact with them. The hauntedness stat determines the activeness of the spirits living in your house. The different methods of acquiring a haunted property include;

Becoming A Royal

Characters born into a royal family will own a regular/haunted palace or mansion. This property has a different icon from those in the shop. You can party, renovate, and view the entities on your property. You can only will this property to your child with a royal title. You will lose your palace if you get exiled or live as your commoner child.

Sharing Assets With Your Partner

After you get married, you and your partner will share assets which include money and properties. When you find a date or use the dating app, you will get a pop-up of a random character. This pop-up will display their stats and identity with the house they own. You may also get this pop-up when you work out at the gym, visit the library, and age up. Once you marry your partner that owns this type of house, you will share it with them.

Purchasing From The Shop

When you are 18 years, you will have access to the shop where you can visit a real estate broker. You need money to buy anything in the shop. You can inherit money from your parents, get a job, or become a royal to acquire money. Getting a haunted house may get frustrating after refreshing the game several times. Therefore, accumulate enough money to purchase the one you find. When you select the one you want in the shop, you have the opportunity of viewing the price, address, size, age, monthly expense, monthly mortgage, condition and hauntedness. The type, condition, size, hauntedness, and age determine the price. You can apply for a mortgage or buy with cash. If you have enough money in your bank balance, you can purchase it.

You can view your haunted house when you open the assets menu. Selecting it will show more details about it. The activities you can perform are;

  • Gift: give it to someone
  • Party: throw a party
  • Pay Off: pay off your mortgage
  • Renovate: undertake a renovation project
  • Sell: put it on the market
  • Spirits: when you open this tab, you can view their name, entity, friendliness and activeness stat. You may also interact with the souls by exorcising or trying to summon them. Exorcising them involves hiring an exorcist or doing it yourself ( you will only get this option if you work as an exorcist). The activeness and friendliness affect whether you will perform a successful exorcism. If you fail, the spirit may attack you, and their activeness will increase while the friendliness will decrease.