How To Move To Another City In Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulator allows players to choose their character’s name, attributes, appearance, country, gender, and special talent. When you want to start a new life, you can select any country and city. Another way to live in a country is by emigrating. However, you cannot choose the city you want when you migrate. This option will be available when you are 18, but your parents can relocate you to a different country when you are young. To move to another country, you must have enough money to travel. You can go with your partner and children (if they are below 18). When you emigrate without your partner, they will leave or divorce you depending on the extent of your relationship.

How To Move To A New Country

When you reach the age of 18 in Bitlife, you can emigrate if you have completed high school. You can find this tab in the activities menu. You must pay a fee to migrate. Thus, you can take part-time jobs from age 15 if you plan on emigrating after high school. The country where you live will determine the price for emigration. Countries like Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand have higher fees. It is essential to avoid fights, police, and other criminal activities because they can hinder you from travelling.

Once you are ready to emigrate, select the country you want and request approval. If the country you want is not on the list, click the exit button and try again. Keep doing this till you find the one you want. After choosing it, you will get a pop-up indicating the status of your request.

If you get approved, your partner and kids will go with you, and the price will increase per head. After emigrating, you will lose your job or drop out of school.

Sometimes the country you want may not approve your request due to a criminal record or another reason. In this situation, you may emigrate illegally or try another country.

If you are successful, you will start living in that country illegally, and your partner or children won’t come with you. You can get jobs, find love, and live like a regular person. However, avoid any scenario involving the police because they can arrest you for illegal immigration. If you are found guilty, you will go to prison and get deported after your sentence ends. You will also get deported if you unsuccessfully emigrate illegally.

You may get refused entry if you have an exotic animal or pet, such as a lion, snake, dog, etc.

After emigrating, you can travel to visit the people you left behind. This option is the last one in the relationship activity. You have to pay to travel to see someone. Thus, you need money in your bank balance.

After someone dies, you will get a pop-up to travel for their funeral or skip it. You also need to pay to perform this action. However, you can ignore it. Doing this will reduce your karma.

The achievements that require you to emigrate are;

  • Flee the country- emigrate to escape justice
  • There’s always Canada- emigrate to Canada

Say goodbye to Hollywood- get deported from the united states