How To Master The Piano In Bitlife

In the mind & body tab, you can perform various activities such as taking acting lessons, reading a book, going on a diet, tending to your garden, practising an instrument, meditating, visiting the library, going for a walk, etc. These activities increase one or more main stats like happiness, health, looks, and smarts. When you open the instruments menu, you will view different ones, and you can ask your parents to let you take them.

Some of the instruments you can practice are accordion, cello, didgeridoo, drums, flute, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, keyboard, piano, pan flute, tuba, violin, etc. When you master some instruments, you can use your skills to become a solo artist or join a band.

With high piano skills, you can pick a pianist as your career type and audition as a solo artist. If you perform well and get a contract, you will become a professional pianist. This article will walk you through how to master the piano.

Taking Piano Lessons

When creating your character, choose music as your special talent. Doing this will help you learn voice or instrument skills faster.

Once you are six years, you will unlock the instruments tab. You can ask your parents to let you take piano lessons. If they refuse, age a few years, then ask again. You can also wait till you are above 18 years to take classes. However, you must pay a fee for each lesson.

If your parents agree to pay for piano lessons, you can enrol in a course and start practising it. After your first class, they will purchase a piano for you.

You can view it in the assets tab. The activities you can perform on this instrument are;

  • Discard: you can get rid of it if the condition is poor.
  • Donate: you may donate it to charity if you don’t want it.
  • Play: playing with it can improve your skills or deteriorate the condition of your piano.
  • Polish: doing this will increase the condition of your instrument.
  • Sell: you can pick the price you want and put it for sale. The cost depends on the quality of the piano.
  • Tune: This option performs the same function as polishing it.

You can also purchase an instrument from the music store. The price depends on whether it is new or not. For used ones, you can view the condition and age.

Mastering The Piano

There are two methods of increasing your piano skills;

  • Playing with it: when you purchase an instrument, you can play with it in the assets tab. When you select this option, your skill might increase.

  • Taking lessons: after enrolling in a piano course, take classes to improve your skill. If you have musical talent, you will start with an orange or green bar. You can do this thrice a year, after which this stat will stop increasing. Keep practising every year for maximum results. You should master this skill in less than ten years if you follow the above method.

It is advisable to start practising this instrument before age 18 because it takes years to master it.