How To Master Guitar In Bitlife

The guitar is one of the numerous instruments you can practice in Bitlife. Once you reach age 6, you can ask your parents to let you take guitar lessons. When you take a course, the following pop-up will display your skill level. This stat will determine whether you can master this instrument.

When you take an instrument course for the first time, if your skill is dark red, it will take years to build it up, or it might stop increasing after a few years. However, if this skill is orange or green, you have a higher chance of mastering it. With some instruments, you might get lucky and have a green bar on your first try, while with others, the bar will be dark red.

Taking Guitar Lessons

When you create your character, if you have the musician job pack, you can select music as your talent. This music talent will help you gain skills faster.

From age 6, you may ask your parents to let you take a course. If they refuse, age up and try again.

If they agree, you will get the option to enrol in a class on guitar. Taking this lesson will unlock your guitar skill. If you have talent in music, this stat should be orange or green. After taking your first course, your parents may purchase a new guitar for you. When you select the instrument, you will view the finish, age, estimated value, condition and skill. The different activities you can perform on your guitar are;

  • Discard: when you’re tired of your instrument or if it is in bad condition, you can get rid of it.
  • Donate: you can give it away to charity.
  • Play: when you play with your instrument, you may damage it or improve your skill. If you decrease the condition, you may reset the game to avoid this mistake or polish it.
  • Polish: selecting this option will improve the condition of your instrument.
  • Sell: you will unlock this option when you are old enough to sell it.
  • Tune: this option is similar to polishing. Tuning your guitar will improve its condition.

Every time you take a guitar lesson, your skill may improve. You can also practice an instrument when you are above 18. However, you have to pay each time you take a class.

There are two methods of getting guitar skills up:

Practising the guitar: in the mind and body tab, when you open the instrument menu, look for the guitar and take lessons. You can only take classes three times a year, after which the bar will stop increasing. Keep practising this instrument till you have maximum skill.

Playing with a guitar: your parents may buy a guitar for you when you start taking classes, or you can purchase one in the assets menu. One of the activities you can perform on your instrument is to play it. Playing with your guitar will improve your skill or decrease its condition. You can avoid the latter scenario by closing the game when this happens.

Once you master the guitar, you can become a guitarist by auditioning as a solo artist or trying to join a band.