How To Marry Into Royalty In Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulator is a game that allows you to live the weirdest and craziest life. From marrying for money to having a hundred children in one life, the possibilities are endless. One of the many things you can become in Bitlife is royalty. You can live like an earl, count, princess, emira, or any royal status you would like to be. Just name it, and you can make it happen in Bitlife.

As a royal;

  • You have the opportunity to hang out with your favorite celebrities. You can pick wine grapes with Robert Downey, Jr in France or have a rap battle with Elon Musk.

  • You can establish laws or even ban the use of fake butter.
  • You may also go down the tyranny path by performing public disservices or honoring your people by performing public services. It is up to you to decide your fate.

Another benefit of being a royal is not having to work harder at your job because you get paid for doing nothing. There are two ways of joining a royal family in Bitlife;

Be born into a royal family. You can either select your royal status when creating a new life with god mode or keep randomizing your character till the game selects a character with royal status.

Marry into a royal family. This is as hard as it sounds. There aren’t princes or princesses roaming about in the game. Marrying into a royal family involves certain steps. This walkthrough will guide you on how to marry royalty.

Starting A New Life

It’s impossible to find a royal in a country without a monarch system. The first step to finding your Princess Aurora or Prince Charming is selecting a country with a monarch system. Many countries have this system, including the United Kingdom, Monaco, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc. If you have already started a life in another country, you will have to emigrate to a country with a monarch system.

Having Good Stats

Another step to finding royalty is to have almost perfect stats- good looks, smarts, health- bonus point if you’re famous. These attributes will improve your chances of meeting a royal.

Finding Royalty

There are two options where you can meet a royal.

Go to the gym- This option can be found in the mind and body menu.

Find a date- This option can be found in the love menu.

Once you are in the right country and have good stats, you may select any options above. The most successful method is by going to the gym. If you are lucky, you might meet a royal on your first few tries, or after going to the gym for three years. Either way, you will eventually meet a royal at the gym.

Once you start dating them, perform different activities with them until the relationship bar is at its highest. Age up a few years till you get proposed to, plan the wedding, and get married!

To get the Markle achievement you need to marry into the British royal family.

Being a royal comes with many privileges. In Bitlife, you have the option of being born into a royal family or marrying into one. To marry into a royal family, you need to live in a country with a monarch system, have good stats, and go to the gym as many times as possible till you meet a royal.