How-To Make The Most Money & Get Rich In Bitlife

When you reach the age of 18 in Bitlife, you can start working to afford luxurious things. There are different categories of jobs in the occupation section, such as full-time jobs, military, part-time jobs, and special careers. If you are not interested in getting a job, you can flip houses, engage in criminal activities, gamble, or even become a sugar baby. Unlike in real life, becoming a millionaire in Bitlife is easy. You will also unlock some achievements when you reach certain wealth milestones. The various methods of getting rich in Bitlife include:

Becoming A Street Hustler

When you purchase the street hustler job pack, you can choose a street to hustle. There are different hustles you can select, such as busker, panhandler, scam artist, and street performer. The highest-paying fraud is becoming a scam artist. When your street smarts stat is above 80%, you will unlock the advanced scam category. In this section, you can earn more money by selling fake VIP concert tickets, fake marijuana, and pretending to arrest people. With the VIP ticket scam, you may accumulate as much as $500k after you age up. If your skill is high enough, you can sell a fake VIP ticket for $3k.

Flipping Houses

Investing in real estate is profiting in real life and Bitlife. You must have enough money in your bank balance to purchase properties and maintain them monthly. Because properties appreciate over time, you can accumulate millions on a property, after which you can sell it.

There is no limit to the number of properties a character can own. You can purchase a property at a low price, renovate it, and sell it for higher. If you get a job as an exorcist, you can exorcise spirits from haunted houses and sell them at a higher price. When you renovate your property, the value will go up. This method is best for increasing your net worth.

Becoming A Royal

The royalty feature in Bitlife generates the most money. The higher your royal status, the more your income. With godmode, you can select your royal title when creating your character. To become a royal, you must live in a country that has a monarch system. Monaco has the highest-paying royals in Bitlife. As a prince or princess in this country, you can get paid $40m every year for not doing anything. You can become a billionaire when you start life as a royal in Bitlife.  In some countries, you might get exiled if your respect stat is low. Thus, avoid things that will decrease this stat, like performing activities in the fame tab, executing people, getting arrested by the police, etc.

Becoming An Actor

You can select acting as your talent when creating your character to help you acquire acting skills faster. Having high looks is a requirement to get good roles. When you graduate high school, you can audition for various tv or movie roles depending on your fit. You may also hire a talent agent to help you secure roles. The script quality determines whether the movie will perform well, and the budget determines the amount you will get paid. Tv shows pay more than most movies because you get paid per episode. Your reputation will help you get more roles. Thus, it is necessary to improve this stat.

Becoming A Pro Athlete

There are various sports you can play in Bitlife. However, basketball and football are the highest-paying sports. Selecting sports as your talent will give you high athleticism. It is advisable to join a sports team in high school or university, as this will help you get drafted. You must have athleticism and health stats to join the sports team of your choice. When you become an athlete, work on your skills and fitness to boost your greatness stat. Your greatness stat affects your overall performance each year. The official retirement age for most sports teams is 41-42 years. After you retire, you can focus on investing in real estate.

Becoming A Supermodel

To become a model, you must have high looks. If this stat is low, you can get plastic surgery or go to the gym each year to boost this stat. After graduating from high school, apply for the position of foot model. Presently, only females can become models. When you get this job, adjust your weekly hours or work harder to increase your job performance. The highest position you can occupy in this career is a runway model. After some years in this position, you will become famous.


When your parent dies in Bitlife, they may leave money to you and your siblings. The percentage you will get is dependent on;

  • Your relationship with your parent; if you had a terrible relationship with your late parent, they might leave you out of their will or give your siblings more money.
  • Your siblings; the number of siblings in your family will determine your share. You can ensure you are the sole inheritor by murdering your siblings before your parent dies.
  • Your parent’s money and the country; If your parents are not wealthy, you will inherit little money when they die. The economic status of your country also determines if you will inherit much money.

You can also speed up your inheritance by murdering your parents.

Becoming A Porn Star/Author

  • To become a porn star, have good looks and apply for the job of porn actor.
  • To become an author, have high smarts, then apply for the position of writer.
  • You don’t need to go to university to apply for these careers. When you get the job, work harder to improve your job performance. After some years, you will become famous.
  • In the fame tab, you can write books, do commercials, and pose for magazines to earn more money. You can get paid as much as $2m for a commercial or photo shoot.

Becoming The Mafia Godfather/ Godmother

To join the mafia, select crime as your talent to help you commit crimes without getting caught. When you join a crime syndicate, you must work hard to get promoted by having high notoriety and standing stats. As your position in the mafia increases, the percentage you get from contributions will also increase. When you become the godfather, you don’t need to generate income for the family as you will get paid regardless. However, keep the notoriety and standing bars full.

Becoming A Musician

As a musician, you can earn millions from performing live in concert, going on world tours, releasing singles, and royalties. You will get more money if your popularity is high. Your singles and albums can also get certified gold, platinum, double platinum, and diamond. The higher the certification, the more money you will earn. Pop stars and rappers get paid more than other genres of music. There is no age limit for musicians, which means you can keep producing music when you are old.

Robbing A Train

You can loot millions when you rob a train in Bitlife. To commit this crime, the time of the robbery must correspond to your real-time. Therefore, to rob the midnight train, it must be 12:00 AM where you live. The other times you can steal from a train are; sunrise, sunset, high noon, and 4:20 PM.

Stealing Cars

If you have crime as your talent, you will find it easier to steal cars. The list of vehicles you can steal refreshes when you age up, reset the game, or switch to a previously saved life. If you are lucky, you may steal an expensive car, such as a Bugatti, Lamborghini, or an exotic car. You may have issues while trying to sell your stolen car. If you get caught by the police, close the game, reopen it, and then try to sell it again. If you keep a stolen vehicle for too long, the police may track it down and arrest you.

Winning The Lottery

It is not easy to win the jackpot in Bitlife. If you are lucky, you may win it on your first try. You must buy lottery tickets to win the jackpot. You may purchase one ticket or ten tickets at once. The jackpot prize differs each year. However, you can age or reset the game to refresh the prize money. When you win the lottery, you will knock an achievement.


Gambling is a fast way to lose or earn money. If you are lucky, you can win so much money from gambling. There are two gambling options in this game;

  • Visiting the casino: winning in the casino does not depend solely on luck. This option involves winning a game of Blackjack.
  • Going to the horse track: there are five players in this game. If you place your bet and your horse comes first, you will get five times the money you staked.

If you lose in any of these games, don’t select ok. Exit the game to avoid losing happiness.

Marrying For Money

Another way of getting rich without working is becoming a sugar baby. You can find 80+ wealthy people with the dating app. When you start dating them, perform activities with them to improve your relationship. After some years, they might propose to you. When you get married, you will share assets with them, and when they die,  you will inherit their money. You can repeat this method with many people.

To speed up this process, you can buy rings that cost $200k and propose to your partner. You can also murder them when you get married instead of waiting for a natural death.