How To Make Friends In Bitlife

Making friends in real life might be stressful, but in Bitlife, it is straightforward. The only downside is the person might not want to become your friend. One of the random pop-ups you might get when ageing is someone asking to be your friend. If you are not interested, you can reject them and move on with your life. Unlike finding love with a whole menu of its own, the only way to make friends is through your job or school. When you become friends with someone, they will show up in your relationship panel.

There are various activities you can perform with your friends, such as partying, watching YouTube, spending time with them, etc. Your relationship meter can increase or decrease depending on the activity you perform with them. Insulting, spreading rumours, and bad conversations can decrease this stat, while complimenting, gifting, good conversation, partying, watching YouTube, and spending time with them will increase your relationship. You can also change the status of your friendship to best friends or enemies. Your friend can also ask you to become their best friend and can only have one at a time.

A low relationship stat will cause them to unfriend or make you an enemy. Having an enemy is dangerous in Bitlife because the enemy can make life unbearable for you. They can even attempt to kill you. Therefore, it is advisable to have a good relationship with your friends.

Making Friends

When you start a new life, you might get pop-ups of random children that want to become your friend.

This pop-up will display their name, gender, age, looks, smarts, and craziness stat. You can accept or reject them. Once you begin primary or elementary school, you can view your classmates and interact with them. You might have good or bad relationships with some of them. You can improve it by complimenting, having a conversation, or gifting them. However, if your popularity is low, you might have trouble making friends. When you select a classmate, you can befriend them by choosing this option.

Even with a high relationship, some people will not agree to become friends with you. This method applies to the middle, high/secondary school, University, and other schools.

Another way of making friends is getting a job. You can interact with your supervisor and teammates. There is even an achievement for befriending all your co-workers. Performing activities with your supervisor will reduce your relationship with your co-workers. When you age, you might notice that you have new teammates or a new supervisor. It also applies to classmates and teachers.

As you age, you will unlock more activities to perform with your friend, such as going to a concert, hooking up, playing a prank, starting a rumour, etc. Pranking and starting a rumour can make them attack you if they have high craziness. Thus, if you are not trying to complete a challenge, it is better to avoid these options. You can also unfriend them, and unless they are your classmate or co-worker, you won’t have access to them.