How To Make An Enemy In Bitlife

In the relationship panel, you can view and interact with your relatives, exes, pets, and friends. You can make friends with random people, classmates, teachers, teammates, and supervisors.

Your friend can ask you to become their best friend, and you may accept or reject them. You can also change your friendship status to best friends or enemies. They may not agree to be your best friend but becoming an enemy is not a choice. You will unlock the enemies category if you change your status. You can engage in the same activities, but you cannot unfriend them. However, they may refuse to perform these activities with you, even with a good relationship. If you have a poor relationship with your friend, they may make you their enemy.

The disadvantage of having enemies is that they may prank, spread rumours, attack, or even kill you. However, you can prevent them from killing you by murdering them first.

Making Friends

To make someone your enemy, you must first become friends with them. From age 1, you will get pop-ups of people that want to be your friend.

You can view their name, gender, age, occupation, looks, smarts, and craziness. You can accept or reject them. When you start school or get a job, you can befriend your classmates or co-workers. When you select someone in this category, you can perform various activities with them to improve your relationship. Some people will not agree to become friends with you, even with a high relationship stat. Once you befriend someone, they will appear in your relationship menu.

The activities in this category are: ask out, compliment, concert, conversation, gift, hook up, insult, party, prank, rumour, spend time, unfriend and watch tv. Giving terrible gifts, insults, pranking, and spreading rumours can reduce your relationship with them.

Making An Enemy

There are two methods of becoming enemies with someone:

  • Changing your status: when you open your friend’s profile, select the button below the pop-up to change your status. Once you pick enemies, you will get a confirmation message.

  • Having a low relationship with them: if you neglect your friend for years, insult/prank them, or spread rumours, your relationship stat will decrease. However, doing this does not mean they will make you their enemy. You might get lucky or not. Instead of waiting for years, you can keep insulting them until they attack you.

Once this happens, open the activities menu and file a lawsuit. Hire the best law firm and choose the most expensive damages.

You might not win it, but when you age, they will make you their enemy.

It is difficult to perform activities with your enemy. If you want to restore your friendship, you can compliment and send them gifts. If they have high craziness, there is a chance that they may try to kill you later. When you get this pop-up, close the game and reopen it to avoid it. The only way to get rid of them is by murdering them or emigrating.

It is advisable to avoid making enemies unless you want to complete a challenge.