How To Make A Video Go Viral In Bitlife?

In Bitlife, there are five social media networks you can join, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and YouTube. When you sign up for a network, you will unlock a tab where you can perform different activities on your account. You can become an influencer and even a social media star when you accumulate 500k followers/subscribers. To achieve this, you must be consistent and post every year. When you make a post, it can go viral. Going viral is a random occurrence, and the only way to make it happen is by posting each year. Too many posts in a year may cause you to lose followers. Thus, limit it to 5-10 times before you age up. To make a video go viral, you must sign up for a YouTube or Tiktok account. This article will guide you in achieving a viral video on either social media network.

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When you are 13 years, you will have access to the social media tab in the assets menu. After signing up for YouTube, you can perform these activities on your account;

  • Buy subscribers: you can buy 100-5000 subscribers for less than $500. You are allowed to do this once a year. Also, your account can get suspended from this action, and you will have to appeal it.
  • Delete: when you delete your account, you will lose all your followers and posts. To use this network again, you must sign up for a new account.
  • Monetise: after acquiring 1000 subscribers on YouTube, you can apply to monetise your videos with advertisement. When you get approved, you will earn revenue on each video you post. The money you will get paid depends on the views on a video.
  • Post: you can post bitlife, challenge, product review, unboxing, haul, how-to, Livestream, vlog, political, gaming, educational, and dance videos. It is advisable to focus on one type and post videos on it.
  • Promote: you may promote varieties of products when you acquire 1000 subscribers. The compensation depends on the number of subscribers you have.
  • Verify: when you accumulate 100k subscribers, you may request verification on your youtube account. If your request gets approved, you will gain subscribers faster.


The options available for your Tiktok account are;

  • Buy followers: this option is the same as buying subscribers on YouTube.
  • Delete: you can delete your Tiktok account
  • Post: you can make bitlife, dance, challenge, political, product review, vlog, random, skit, and social justice videos.
  • Promote: you may receive an offer to promote something on your Tiktok.
  • Verify: it is similar to requesting verification on YouTube.

Each year, post 5-10 videos on your YouTube or Tiktok account. Keep doing this until you get a viral video.

If you are consistent, you may go viral multiple times in your life. When your video becomes viral, you will get a lot of views and subscribers than usual. The numbers are usually random. If your account gets monetised on youtube, you can generate a lot of revenue from that video.

This type of video helps you grow your social media account. Another way to gain followers or subscribers is by becoming famous. However, you cannot become an influencer or social media star if you already have fame.