How To Live To 120 In Bitlife

When you start a new life, most choices affect how long your character will live. Making bad decisions like overdosing on drugs, visiting the witch doctor, trying to murder someone, plastic surgery complications, refusing to pay a contract killer, or contracting STIs can end your lifespan. Some other unforeseen circumstances that can kill your character are getting attacked by a random person, getting diagnosed with a fatal disease like cancer, vehicle accidents, living in a country with insecurity, lightning, etc. Excluding all these situations, you can live for more than 120 years in Bitlife. It seems easy to achieve. However, you must consider many factors if you want to accomplish this.

If you like to live a carefree life by committing crimes, hooking up with random people, fighting, taking drugs and alcohol, and making poor decisions, getting this achievement might be challenging. This guide will walk you through all the steps in living to 120.

Preserving Your Health

The key to a long life is being happy with good health. Your happiness and health stats must be green. The following steps will help you reach age 120 in Bitlife:

  • Going on the Mediterranean diet: once you are over 18 years, you can start a diet. This option is in the mind and body tab. The best one to pick is the Mediterranean diet because it increases your health without affecting any attribute. You need to pay for it every year. Thus, you must have enough money in your bank balance or get a job to help you afford it.

  • Meditating: you can meditate every year or after a few years. This option improves your happiness and health. You can also view a hidden stat, such as karma, discipline, willpower, and fertility. However, after viewing a stat, you won’t get another one till after some years.

  • Making good choices: you will get random pop-ups as you age. You must choose the best one that does not put your life at risk. Ignoring people, helping friends in need, staying away from drugs & alcohol, avoiding fights and arguments, and rejecting hook-ups will preserve your health and happiness.
  • Improving your karma: having high karma goes a long way in living for many years. You can view this stat by meditating. If it doesn’t show up, close and reopen the game. Doing this will give you a chance to view another hidden stat. You can improve your karma by complimenting people, doing good deeds like giving your neighbour sugar, avoiding criminal activities, donating possessions to charity, etc.

  • Going to the gym: you can work out at the gym each year. It will improve your health, looks, and happiness.

  • Going for walks: this option has the same effect as going to the gym except that it doesn’t improve your looks.
  • Spending time with families and friends: doing this will improve your happiness and keep your relationship with your friends, family, and pets.

If you get diagnosed with an incurable disease, close the game and reopen it. Doing this will take you back to the previous year, and you can try again to get a random pop-up.

Once you are 90 years, keep your happiness and health at 80% above. Meditate and work out at the gym every year. Also, go on the Mediterranean diet and avoid drugs & alcohol. If your happiness stat decreases, perform activities in the mind and body tab, and spend time with family.

If you follow all these steps, you will live for 120 years.