How To Learn How To Swim In Bitlife

Various features have prerequisites in Bitlife, such as exorcising a ghost by becoming an exorcist, purchasing an equestrian property to buy a horse, developing an addiction to going AWOL in the military, etc. Also, if you join the swim team while in middle school, high/secondary school, or university, there is a high chance of surviving a shipwreck, and it is possible to get to shore after an encounter without joining this club. However, it is best to take precautions to avoid drowning in a boating accident.

The only way to learn how to swim is by joining this team in school. Once you start middle or high school, you can participate in extracurricular activities. Many clubs require good grades, while you must be popular to join others. Good health, athleticism, and grades are necessary to get accepted into a sports team. The swim team is in this category. This article will guide you in joining this extracurricular activity.

Improving Your Athleticism

The easy way of having high athleticism is by selecting sports as your talent. If you don’t have god mode, you can keep randomising lives until you get one with this talent. Some characters are born with this stat without this feature. However, the only way to check your athleticism is when you begin middle or secondary school.

You can improve this stat by working out at the gym, practising martial arts, going for walks, and meditating. These activities also apply to boosting your health. You will unlock the gym and meditation option when you are 12 years. Perform these options every year until your athleticism is high. It is not compulsory to join the swim team in middle school (unless you want to complete an achievement). If you don’t meet the requirements, you can wait till you enrol in University, then try out for the team.

You also need to have good grades to join this club. Use the ‘study harder’ option to improve this stat.

Joining The Swim Team

There are numerous clubs, and the game randomly generates the ones that will appear. Therefore, you might not get this team in middle school. There’s no way to reset the list of activities unless you start a new life or wait till you begin high/secondary school or university. If it doesn’t appear at University, you can drop out and reapply. Repeat this method until it shows up on the list. Because you must pay each time you re-enrol, you need enough money in your bank balance. You can start life as a royal, murder your parents to get your inheritance, or even live in a country that offers a free public university.

Once it appears and you fulfil the requirements, try out for the team. After joining, you can keep practising if you want. Doing this will improve your performance, and you can get nominated as the captain.

When you encounter trouble at sea and abandon your ship, you have a higher chance of getting to shore safely if you were on the swim team.