How To Join The Italian Mafia In Bitlife

Another way of playing Bitlife is by living a life of crime. Once you are 10, you can perform some activities in the crime menu. At 18 years old, you can perform all the activities on this menu. You can also join a crime syndicate after graduating high school. The different types are; the Irish mob, Russian mafia, mafia, Italian mafia, triad, and yakuza. The mafia is also called the Italian mafia. It is one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the world. To join the Italian mafia, you must commit enough crimes to get accepted into the family. You will become an associate after joining the mob. You will also start with little notoriety and standing. To get promoted, you must improve these stats. The ranks in the Italian mafia include; associate, soldier, caporegime, underboss, godfather/godmother.

Engaging In Criminal Activities

You can select crime as your talent when creating your character. This talent will help you perform crimes with ease.

After you start a new life, age up to 10 to unlock some features in the crime menu, the activities you can perform at this age are; burglary, mischief, pickpocket, porch pirate, and shoplift.

  • Burglary is the most lucrative option you can perform. You can get a lot of money from burgling a rich person. To steal, you have to play a minigame which involves collecting valuables while avoiding the owner, dogs, and cops. You can steal from three people each year.

  • You can engage in mischief and pick your accomplice. You may commit this crime alone, with a random person, or with someone you know. The game randomly selects the activity you will perform.
  • You can pickpocket a victim. The amount you get is usually little, and the person can confront and attack you.
  • You will get a random selection of 6 properties. When you select one, you may get something valuable or useless from the mail. You can sell the item to the pawn shop for some money. The owner may also confront you and report you to the authorities.
  • You can steal an item from the mall and sell it at the pawnshop for a lower value. If you fail, the mall cop may confront you.

From age 14, you will unlock the murder option. Another way to kill at a young age is to attack a classmate when they bully you. You can take martial arts to master a new move. You can use this move to attack your bully.

Joining The Italian Mafia

After graduating high school, you will unlock the options in the job menu if you are 18 years and above. In the special careers category, select the mafia option. To join this gang, choose the mafia and select your method. The notoriety of the mob determines whether you will get accepted. You must commit sufficient crimes to join this family. If they reject you, do not tap to continue. Close the game and reopen it. If you proceed, they may attack you and decrease your health stat.

Once you commit enough crimes, you will get accepted into the Italian mafia as an associate.

You will get a pop-up of the rank, syndicate, mob, headquarters, calling card, rival, notoriety and standing stats. After joining the family, you must improve your notoriety and standing to get promoted to a soldier. The highest rank in this mob is the godfather/godmother.