How To Join The Goths Clique In Bitlife

When you begin middle school, high/secondary school or university in Bitlife, you can join a clique. There are numerous cliques in Bitlife which have different requirements, such as artsy kids, band geeks, brainy kids, drama kids, gamers, goths, hipsters, loners, mean girls, nerds, jocks, normals, popular kids, skaters, social floaters, talented kids, troublemakers, and weebs.

The mean girls’ clique is only available for female characters, while the jocks clique is for male characters. The goths are an exceptional group with low popularity stat. To join the goths, you must have less than 50% looks, poor happiness and popularity stats. This article will guide you on how to get the requirements for this clique.

Creating Your Character

If you have godmode, you can adjust your looks to below 50%. You can also achieve this by starting new lives till you get a character with low looks.

When you start a new life, age up till you start middle school. Not all countries have a middle school. Therefore, you might have to age till you begin high/secondary school.

These two stats are essential for you to get accepted into this group;

Happiness Stat

  • You can try to join a sports team if you have low athleticism, health or grades. You will not get accepted into this team, and your happiness will decrease. Keep this up till your happiness stat is below 50.
  • Start a conversation with people you have a low relationship with: if you try to converse with them, they will ignore you, and your happiness stat will reduce.
  • Try to befriend someone with a terrible relationship: the goal is for them to reject you.
  • Try to join a clique you don’t belong in: when they ignore you, it will affect this stat.

Popularity Stat

Having terrible looks will automatically give you low popularity. You can also decrease this stat by asking to join a clique. If they reject you, your popularity stat will drastically reduce.

Joining The Goth Clique

In the school menu, the options include;

  • Activities – join an extracurricular activity
  • Class- in this tab, you can view your popularity and interact with your classmates.
  • Clique- you can view different groups in this tab. If you get accepted to one, it will appear below the grades stat.
  • Drop out: you can try to drop out of middle school, high school, or university.
  • Faculty: you can interact with your teachers, professors, dean, and the headmaster with bitizenship.
  • Nurse: this option is only available in elementary/primary and middle school.
  • Skip class: your classmate might ask you to skip class with them. Skipping lessons will boost your happiness.
  • Sororities/fraternities: you can rush into a society when you enrol in University.
  • Study harder: put in some extra effort.

Once you have all the requirements for the goths, you can ask for permission to join them, start hanging out with them, and compliment or insult their leader. They will allow you to join them if you choose either of the first three options. Insulting their leader may result in the members attacking you.

After joining this clique, you will have the option to view it. You can also leave this clique at any time. Becoming a member of another clique will remove you from the goths group.