How To Join The Goat Grabbing Team In Bitlife?

One of the extracurricular activities you can join is the goat grabbing team. To join an extracurricular activity in Bitlife, create your character and age up till they start middle school. There are three schools where you can participate in a club or team, middle school, high/secondary school, and university.

There are numerous activities you can join. Some require you to have high smarts, popularity, or good looks. To join a sports team, you must have good grades with high athleticism and health stats. The goat grabbing is a sports team. However, this team is different because you must be born in Afghanistan to join it.

Creating Your Character

When starting a new life, choose a male character and Afghanistan as your country. The city you pick will not affect your chance of getting into this team.

Select sports as your special talent if you have the pro-athlete job pack. This talent will give you high athleticism stat.

Once you create your character, begin a new life. Afghanistan is an unsafe place to live. Thus, you might encounter drastic situations like your parents dying after a few years or your siblings getting killed due to bombing, mortar strike, stepping on a land mine, explosives, catching a stray bullet, etc. Even your character can die randomly. If this happens before you enrol in secondary school, you will have to start a new life.

Improving Your Athleticism

If your character does not have sports talent, you can view the athleticism stat when you start middle school. To improve your athleticism;

Work out at the gym: you will unlock this feature when your character is 12 years old. You can go to the gym multiple times a year. However, the athleticism stat will stop increasing after your 2nd to 3rd visit. Going to the gym after 18 years costs $5-$15.

Practice a martial arts: you can ask your parents to let you take a martial arts class from age 8. There are five self-defence classes in Bitlife, Jiu-Jitsu,  Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo.

If your parents allow, you can take lessons and earn new moves. Obtaining the top belt in a martial art will improve the athleticism stat.

Go for a walk: this option will become available when you are eight. You can pick the pace and time for your walk.

Keep going on walks and taking martial art lessons before age 12. When you start middle school, you can view your athleticism by selecting a sports team.

You also need good grades and health to get selected for a sports team. Study harder at school to boost it. Performing activities in the mind and body tab will improve your health. Visiting a doctor and treating an illness or disease will increase this stat.

Joining The Goat Grabbing Team

Once you are 16 years in Afghanistan, you will get a pop-up that you are starting secondary school. You can see the options available when you open the extracurricular activities menu. If it is not on the list, you might have to start a new life. When you find this team, join it.

You will get accepted if your grades are good and you have high athleticism and health stats. Joining this team will unlock the goat grabber achievement.