How To Join A Gang In Bitlife

When you get sent to jail in Bitlife, you can interact with your inmates, bribe the guards, get a prison job, attempt to escape, or even join a gang. There are three types of prisons you can go to such as minimum, medium, or maximum security. The one you get depends on the severity of your offence or the number of crimes you committed. Escaping from jail multiple times can result in you getting sent to a maximum security prison irrespective of the offence. You will only have the opportunity to join a gang when you go to a medium or maximum prison.

Purchasing the Bitizenship premium package will give you access to prison gangs. It is one of the features that come with this package. To join one, you must fit in with them. If you don’t belong, and you attempt to join them, they may reject and attack you.

You can also get invited by the members of the group. Becoming a member of a group increases your respect and gives you protection. Therefore, it is beneficial to join one when you find yourself in jail. This article will guide you on all you need to know about joining the gang you want.

Joining A Prison Gang

When you open the gang menu, there will be a list of the different groups. Selecting one will display their requirement and notoriety stat. Some of them are gender specific. The different types are;

Bitizen Mafia: you must be extremely well-respected to join this gang. You must have high respect to become a member of this group. You can increase it by starting riots, attacking an inmate, or killing.

Switchblade Sisterhood/Killbillies: You must have a proven track record of violence to join this gang. Get into a lot of fights with inmates.

Harley’s Angels/Hecks Angels: You must be well-respected and feared to join this gang. You must have high respect.

Cash Money Wreckers: You must have a very high net worth to join this gang.

Plastics/Blue Ball Bulls: You must be well-respected and vicious to join this gang.

Illegal Jailens: You must be born in another country to join this gang. It also applies if your parents were born in another country.

Smart Sistas/Brain Brothas: You must have very high smarts to join this gang.

Sexy Syndicates/Beefcake Bandits: You must have very high looks to join this gang.

Golden Girls/Wrinkly Sneaks: You must be sufficiently old to join this gang.

Pussyfoots/Tattletale Squads: You don’t need much of anything to join this weak gang. It is the weakest one with the smallest notoriety.

Even if you meet the requirements of some groups, you may not get accepted. However, if your respect stat is at the maximum level, you will have a better chance of joining your preferred gang. The best way to improve this stat is by killing inmates. If you master martial arts, you can use a move to attack an inmate.

You can also use a regular one like a roundhouse kick or uppercut to slaughter someone.

Note: attacking or messing with someone in a gang will result in the members attacking you.

After getting accepted, you can view your clique below the behaviour stat. Attempting to join another group will make your gang beat you up and kick you out. You can also get kicked off for crying, losing a fight, having low respect, fighting with a member, etc.