How To Join A Band In Bitlife

In Bitlife, you can go down the path of fame by becoming a musician, disc jockey, athlete, actor, model, etc. The musician career is one of the job packs in Bitlife. To join this career, you must have good singing or instrument skills. When you reach the age of 18 and graduate high school, you will unlock the special careers category. You can join a band or become a solo artist. Joining a band is more complex than going solo. This article will guide you in becoming a member of a band.

Creating Your Character

Choose music as your talent when creating your character to help you gain skills faster. After starting a new life, age up till six if you want to practice an instrument. You can only join a band as a bassist, drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer. You can choose any of the above, and ask your parents to let you take it.

To become a singer, age up till eight years, and ask your parents. The generosity of your parents is a determiner of whether they will agree to your wants. If they don’t allow you, you can keep spending time with them and ask again after a few years.

After you enrol in an instrument lesson, your parents will buy one for you. You can view it in the assets tab and play with it. Taking singing or instrument lessons is free if you are below 18 years. You must pay to take classes after this age. Attend courses three times a year to improve your skills.

Joining A Band

After graduating high school, open the musician menu in the special careers tab and look for a band. You can only pick the role you want. After choosing, the game will generate a random band and genre. The pop-up will display the role, genre, record label, current members, last year’s earnings, and popularity. If you don’t like the stats, you can close the game, reopen it, and try to find another one.

Once you get a band you like, audition with them, and if you are successful, they will offer you the role.

Another way to achieve this is by becoming a solo artist and teaming up with a band.

After joining them, you can view your career in the occupations tab. The activities in this category are;

Album: you can get to work by making a studio album. Depending on your relationship with your teammates, they may agree to produce it.

Band: you can view your relationship and interact with your mates. To stay longer, you must have a good relationship with them. Getting gold, platinum, double platinum, and diamond records will improve this stat.

Band Name: you can try to change the name of your band.

Concert: ask your record label to arrange a live concert for you and your band. You can earn millions from this activity.

Discography: view all your singles and albums

Practice: work on your skills

Quit: you can leave the band

Single: pick your track name, subgenre, and cover art and make a single. Your mates will agree if you have a good relationship with them.

Solo Artist: you may ditch your band and go solo. If you’re struggling with your team, you can choose this option.

Stage Name: adopt a stage name

Tour: embark on a world tour