How To Increase Your Notoriety In The Mafia In Bitlife

There are different criminal activities you can perform in Bitlife – life simulator, from robbing banks to embezzling funds. You can also go as far as joining the mafia. In Bitlife, there are six organized crime syndicates, the Irish mob, the Latin mafia, the Italian mafia, the Russian mafia, the Triad, and the Yakuza. You can find the crime career in the job tab. To become part of the mafia, you must have engaged in many criminal activities.

You may be approached by a mafia member or try to join a crime syndicate. If you decide to join the mafia, you must be ready to do the work that comes with this career. They might ask you to threaten people, extort people, or even worse, whack them out. After joining a crime syndicate, you have to do whatever it takes to improve your standing and notoriety. This guide will walk you through the notoriety bar and how to increase it.

Notoriety And Standing Stats

As a member of the mafia, two stats determine your promotion. The notoriety and standing bars. When you first join a crime syndicate, you must work hard to increase these stats. In the crime menu, you can;

  • Rob a bank
  • Burgle a home
  • Extort a local business
  • Steal a car
  • Pickpocket a stranger
  • steal a neighbor’s mail
  • steal something from the mall
  • Rob a train

To improve your standing, you have to contribute to the family each year. The easiest option is to steal a car. With time, stealing a car as a mafia member becomes easy. If you are lucky, you may steal a Lamborghini, Bugatti, or Ferrari. These cars cost a lot, especially the Bugatti, worth $2 million+. After contributing to the family, they will give you a percentage, and the percentage you get increases with your position in the family.

To increase notoriety, you have to be more gruesome. In the extortion menu, you may scare, shakedown, and whack out the owner. Doing any of these options will increase your notoriety;

Scare – There are options to scare a business owner. When you select an option, the owner might give you the amount they have, call the cops, or retaliate.

Shake down – This option is similar to the first option, except it is more gruesome.

Whack out – This option involves murdering the business owner in cruel ways.

When performing any of these activities, pay attention to the happiness stat below the screen. If this stat remains unchanged, it means the action was successful. But if the happiness decreases totally. You have to close the app immediately and reopen it.

You can also increase notoriety by performing murders in the crime menu and completing tasks given by superiors.

With high notoriety and standing, you will get promoted to the next rank. You need to maintain these stats to achieve the top position in the family.

Joining the mafia takes a lot of work. You have to be dedicated to the family and perform activities to increase your notoriety and standing. There are also disadvantages of being in the mafia, such as being attacked by a rival family and having your loved ones murdered. However, you get paid each year even without contributing much money. As the mafia boss, you don’t need to contribute anything to the family as you get paid, regardless.