How To Increase Smarts In Bitlife

When you are creating your character in Bitlife, there is an option to choose your attributes. Some traits are looks, smarts, fertility, willpower, discipline, karma, health, etc. Smarts stat is one of the main attributes in Bitlife. Your character may have poor, average, or high smarts. This stat determines;

  • Your grade: low smarts will make your character have poor grades. However, if you have high discipline, you will have good grades when you start school.
  • If you will get accepted into the University: if the smarts bar is red or orange, your application to University may get rejected. You can improve your smarts and then reapply or go to community college.
  • Whether you will get a scholarship: getting a scholarship is a random occurrence in Bitlife. However, the chances of getting one with poor smarts are rare unless you are a royal. Characters with royalty can get scholarships with poor smarts.
  • Applying for higher education: to get into law, business, medical, veterinary, dental, nursing, and pharmacy schools, you need high smarts.
  • Getting a high-paying job: some jobs will reject your application if this stat is low.

Increasing Smarts In Bitlife

With godmode, you can choose your smarts when creating your character by adjusting the slider on a scale of 0-100%. You may also start new lives until you get one with good stats. You can improve this stat by:

Reading A Book

From the age of six, you can read children’s picture books. This genre has the smallest number of pages. As you age, you will have more genres of books to read, such as fiction, non-fiction, comedy, horror novel, self-help, romance novels, etc. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has the highest number of pages. It is advisable to take on books with fewer ones, such as if you give a mouse a cookie, the giving tree, and the communist manifesto. These books have a massive effect on your smarts.

When you select the one you want, you will get a pop-up of the name, genre, and author. To read it, tap the pages below the screen. Once you finish reading it, you will get a pop-up indicating your enjoyment stat. You may read as many as you want until the smarts stat is high.

Visiting The Public Library

In the mind and body tab, you can visit the library. You will get the enjoyment stat when you select this option.  You may meet someone after going to the library. However, this occurrence is random. You can only go once, after which the bar stops increasing. This option is ineffective because it doesn’t guarantee a boost in this stat.

Watching A Documentary

In the movie theatre tab, you can watch a comedy or documentary. Seeing a comedy increases the happiness stat while watching a documentary improves the smarts. When you select this option, you will get a pop-up of the movie name. However, you won’t always find a documentary to watch. If you get this message, age up, then try again.

Boosting Your Smarts

This alternative will only appear when the smarts stat is red or orange. Choosing it will give you to option to engage in an activity to increase this stat. After accepting it, you will get a 16% boost.