How To Impale Someone In Bitlife

In the crime menu, there are various activities you can engage in, such as robbing a bank, killing someone, hiring a contract killer, robbing a train, burgling a home, stealing a car, etc. You might have an annoying coworker, an enemy, a cheating spouse, or a parent you want to kill. You may perform the murder or hire a contract killer.

The numerous methods you can use to murder someone in Bitlife are poison, drive-by, atomic wedgie, elephant laxative, push off cliff, fastball to head, push down stairs, bear trap, strangle, electrocute, club, and impale them. You might have a successful murder, or it may go wrong. If you are unsuccessful, the victim may attack you or, even worse, kill you. This article will guide you on how to impale someone in Bitlife.

Choosing Your Character

You can select crime as your special talent while creating your character. This talent will help with committing criminal activities.

After starting a new life, you will unlock the murder option when you are 14. You may get lucky with killing people at this age if you have the crime talent. However, if you get caught by the police, you will get sent directly to juvenile. You won’t get the option to face the court. The penalty is usually a life sentence. Once you reach 18 years, you will get transferred to prison.

Impaling Someone

It is advisable to acquire a lot of money if you want to impale someone for a challenge. There are different ways of earning money in Bitlife, such as inheriting from your parents, becoming a royal, marrying for money, etc. You need money to bribe the police or hire a good lawyer if you get arrested.

Once you have millions in your bank balance, open the crime menu and select the murder option. You can pick your victim and the method which is “impale them”. You can only choose the people you know like your co-workers, exes, exes’ partners, stepchildren, partner, etc. If the person or method is not on the list, select the exit button and try again. You can also age up to refresh the list of victims.

After making your choice, commit the murder. The following pop-up will determine your fate.

Note: always pay attention to the happiness stat because it will determine if you will get arrested or not.

The murder may go in different ways;

  • You may successfully impale them and get away with it
  • You may try to impale them, and they will attack you: you will get a pop-up saying you tried to impale your victim. When you get this message, do not tap to continue. Close the game and reopen it, then try again.
  • They may grab the stake and drive it through your heart.

  • You may perform a successful murder but get arrested by the cops: if you get a pop-up indicating that the person died, and your happiness stat is at 0%, it means the police will arrest you. You can avoid it by resetting the game. However, if you have enough money, you can tap to continue and bribe the police. Adjust the slider to give them the highest offer. This option works most times. If you fail to bribe them, you can hire the most expensive lawyer and plead not guilty. If none of these methods works, you may reset the game.